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white Smoke, inviting mushroom form. That's activity features Puncak Mahameru, Mount Semeru every morning. That white mushroom Existance lures soul alcove the mountaineer from any. Mount Semeru resides in in area of National park conservation Bromo Tengger Semeru-(TNBTS). Administrativelly government resides in 4 regions Kabupaten that is Kabupaten Malang, Lumajang, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo Provinsi East Java. Mount Semeru by its top Mahameru 3.676 metres dpl, is highest volcano in Pulau Java.

Natural beauty this mount so amazes mountaineers. Particularly every international 15 minute once top cratered Mahameru Jonggring Seloka releases significant vulkanik have the shape of ash eruption. That periodic Eruption is very attractive nature event and rareness.

When morning Mahameru always releases white smoke was like cotton carpet that can we witnessed when we reside in Top of the mountain Pananjakan, area Bromo. If we see from Gunung Pananjakan, form Gunung Semeru like trapeze. But when we reside in its top, its form have the shape of wide dome with great wave route at any given its top bank.

Beside its natural beauty and smoke mushroom, Mount Semeru even also haves interesting story that expand in society about/around area TNBTS, entered area Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang.

Purportedly he/she said Gunung Semeru that reside in this Propinsi East Java, its provenance indigenous to land/ground India because situation Pulau Java at that time had land/ground that so labile and its land/ground always oscillates until Batara Guru as [the] highest leader godses commands immediately gods to move Gunung Semeru from land/ground asalnya that is (India) to Pulau eastside Java. Until with the of Gunung Semeru from land/ground Wina to Pulau Java can be made strong patok in order to Pulau its land/ground Java not oscillates next. This dikisahkan in buku Tantu Pagelaran.

Top Mahameru are believed as [the] sanctum, because dwelt by gods as [the] palace. In holiest teaching of place Hindu is where if that mount its position highest. Mount Semeru is highest mount in Pulau seklaigus Java is Istana roof Dewa in Syair song Dewa.

In Buku Arcopodo Mahameru a legend that remained, Top Abadi roof Dewa. According to practical Hindu teaching already this mount is made as [the] palace [of] gods because its position higher than other mount. Mount Semeru of equal height with Gunung Kailasa in India or Gunung Agung in Bali.

Purportedly Puncak Mahameru are believed as Istana Dewa Siwa. At the top mount this is Dewa Siwa does penance. Besides in Gunung Semeru, in Gunung Agung even also Dewa Siwa does penance and together the of. God angry Siwa when Pulau Bali that also is pulaunya gods and also holy place has been bombed. [several] angry Dewas because its nature has been destroyed by its human and enragement proved with activity Gunung Semeru recently.

To climb [go] to top of the mountain Semeru is existed some climb bands like, band Tumpang-malang, band Sendoro-Lumajang. We are suggested not to climb Gunung Semeru on December up to February, because at months referred [as] its wind very boisterous and often happened storm.

In area Gunung Semeru is a commonplace if along the way up to its top often happens quite thick fog especially at noon, afternoon, and night. To reach its top, beforehand we must pass some climb routes for example Ranu Pane [go] to Watu Rejeng that take time around 2 hour climb journeys.

From Watu Rejeng we continue climb [go] toes Ranu Kumbolo is needed around 2 hour climb journeys with nature view that kitas pass so beautiful and amaze. Ranu Kumbolo is a far-flung and beautiful Danau with its water that flow friendly come from dales, and green its grove adds interesting power separate.

From Ranu Kumbolo journey is continued [go] to Kalimati is taken time about/around more or less 4 hour pass "Zoom Cinta" with route that menanjak and enough cleanse energy. Purportedly if pass this zoom that enough menanjak, we are suggested not to turn around rearward. Kalimati is an ex place ex larva stream eruption Gunung Semeru that has ran dry. From Kalimati we continue climb [go] toes Arcopodo that is last route before reach top Mahameru.

Arcopodo is area that reside in mountainside Semeru and here we can pitch a tent before continue [go] to Puncak Mahameru. Usually journey [go] toes top are conducted at early morning from Arcopodo in order to we can reach top morning and in order to we can see Sunrise event at the top Mahameru.

From Arcopodo [go] to public road top starts barren and sandy with inclination can be reach 70 degrees. Needed carefulness if pass this band because stone that we tread on erosive. Around 3 hour climb journeys our will reach Puncak Mahameru or Kawah Jonggring Saloko.

At morning at the top Mahameru we will disuguhi very attractive nature attraction and rareness that is sunrise event. From Kawah Jonggring Saloka can be witnessed clearly published its sun from east horizon that inch by inch of fog broom that blanket around Mahameru. And sun that woke up from its sleep serve beautiful nature painting and amaze.

In other hand other nature attraction that served by Gunung Semeru is nature event that is blast grey and rock vulkanik that preceded chromatic smoke blast black that soar as if blanket Puncak Mahameru from Kawah Jonggring Saloka.

TNBTS have type of rain forest vegetation mountain, fir-tree mount, and grassland vegetation. Life Flora in area Gunung Semeru between other Cemara Gunung (Casuarina Junghaniana), Sengon (Paraserienthes falcata) Cheerful Suren(Toona Sureni), and Pohon Eidelweiss.

Kinds of life animal in area this mount for example monkey Hitam (Presbtys Cristaka), Grouse (Dendrocigna Javanica), Deer (Cervus Timorensis), partridge, and pig. In our easy Danau Ranu Kumbolo meets Grouse.

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