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If visit to Desa Glagah, District Temon, Sub-province Kulonprogo, Central Java, You will find two glamors experience of at the same time, namely Laguna and Pantai Glagah. Light/ray dances can be exists precise heads-up before noon that. But silent atmosphere still blankets area Laguna and Pantai Glagah.

There's only some boats wisata in tepian its lagoon. Emergent Visitor merely segelincir besotted angler throws fish to lagoon at the same time hope its bait is pounced fish for consumed and sold. Day by day [it is true] not holiday or weekend. Simple Shop in tepian its lagoon is even also seen silent.

When entourage Fam Tour Yogyakarta & Central Java that carried out Direktorat Usaha Pariwisata Direktorat Pengembangan Destinasi Departement Kebudayaan & Tourism with Java Promo arrive at tepian Laguna Glagah, roof "driver" boat that wisata immediately offer each its boat to send entourage fringes Laguna Glagah that memanjang look like river. It's seems staff Dinas Kebudayaan and Pariwisata Kabupaten Kulonprogo have ordered three boats over there. Entourage is even also broken become three boats.

This Lagoon divides coastal area becomes two. First, location that grown some coast flora and grasses. And second sand bar location that directly abut on ocean. Water Laguna Glagah have a color of aquamarine peace. Boat even also accelerate without resistance mean. Once in a while seen fish berkejaran in that lagoon. Nothing 30 minute boats later, edges in green grass plain. In land of that carpet basin stands up some simple saungs dry fibre of palmtree of coconut leaf. Calm Atmosphere is even also felt over there. Nothing any one emergent visitor.

Not far from boat place leans and then return to its basis, there is bamboo bridge that spread out from tepian lagoon to Pantai Glagah. That Bridge likely memanggil-manggilku for immediately walk it. And surprisingly call invites that not my power refuses.

That Some parts of bamboo bridge has destroyed, nevertheless its foundation still strong. Must a few/little carenesses to succeed menintinya till coast. Finally success I reached that bridgehead last [go] to Pantai Glagah.

Bentangan wide and calm coast is first impression that recorded in my marrow when arrive at there. Leisure plain memberikanku this coast facility to fling out view to all angles. In front of spreaded out line horizon the most length that bring into contact sky and ocean. Meanwhile beauty of coastline crook pampered my eye when transfer view to West and also East.

Coast sandy Glagah soft tan kehitaman. Like its lagoon, noon that this coast is also seen calm. Again, just a few angler that is hoping bait kailnya is dined sea fish. Rest only voice of set breeze hiss and wave splashing that not desist berkejaran break that stillness. If Anda mendamba eternal stillness atmosphere on shore that bentangan its sand very long and wide that, likely not wrong select this coast.

When got there then fringed its coast at the same time look into it from the view of different, then Anda will get glamor beauty Pantai Glagah with different nuance also. Freedom padangan and image will Anda meets scorpion enjoys this coast beauty. Because its coast is freed from stoney of giant rock.

Other Beautiful view also Anda can enjoy pass by approach watchman station that located not so far from retribution post. On-site that will be built port in a few this the coming year Anda can witness river stream meeting by wave ocean.

Not merely its view that make tourist admires this lagoon and coast, but other facility also makes wisata maritime on shore Glagah growing complete. Facility is referred [as] make free pengunjungya selects on shore at will. It is not strange if activity like fishing rod, swim till rent gethek, kano, and duck oar that can be used for tur fringe lagoon can Anda conducts here or merely across pass bamboo bridge [go] toes sand bar location ashore.

Other Facility that recognized on shore Glagah is motor area cross that located right accross coast periphery. Meanwhile, street paves connective Pantai Glagah with other coasts can be exploited as [the] arena of coast bicycle sport. There [are] still more camping ground, place of fish auction, and tower monitors to enjoy view.

On shore this also sometime there is podium is opened that present stage of culture art and entertainment amusement and some festivals. When that's its visitor multitude. Nevertheless when nothing event, coast that opened and this length is felt spacious and calm teramat. Nevertheless that stillness remain to be just not lessen its glamor.


Lagoon & Coast Glagah distance around 40 Kms from Kota Yogyakarta. You can pass by two street alternatives. First, walk to South pass Highway Bantul and turn to right [go] to band Bantul pin-cushion Purworejo after reach Palbapang. Second, walk to West pass Street path Yogyakarta pin-cushion Wates pin-cushion Purworejo and turn to left after meet nameboard [go] toes Pantai Glagah.

You can use private vehicle or mencarter tourism bus to lagoon & this coast like Travel Club conduct with entourage Fam Tour Yogyakarta & Central Java, Last May. Coast this Glagah intermittently with other coasts in Kabupaten Kulonprogo. While berwisata maritime over there, You can visit other coasts. Thus once oar pedal, two three islands are skipped over.

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