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Hear coast word and sea, sure that passed by quickly in your mind is Bali, but without we realize still much coast and seas in Indonesia that have not yet touched by meddlesome hands human, and still maintained its continuity.

Karimun Java, with remarkable panoramic beauty, and its sea and coast that invite decak marvel, serve wisata-wisata nature exclaims that not fail from island deity.

Karimun Java is coastal area that consist of 27 isles in south Pulau Java. Beauty Karimun Java makes this area is made preserve or national park that under the aegis of government.

Many people that wish eliminate kepenatan city life by visit beautiful coasts, Karimun Java of course can become one of choice that very snugly. Wisata-wisata that offered have special difference from wisata other coast.

Karimun Java [it is true] compatible as [the] place to release stres, and surely for Anda real adventurer, because on-site this a lot of wisata very attractive sea for tried.

Wreck Dive

For Anda devotee diving and have soul avonturir, suggested to try wisata dives that one this. Various of stresses will Anda find in a crack. When Anda start dive Anda even will be greeted by ship carcass that has been old sink under the sea. Its atmosphere is felt very quiet and mysterious, pillars of ship iron is seen rust along, last quite a few terumbu rock (soft coral) gorgeous that very beautiful struggle for living and grow continued.

This ship Carcass is seen cut into halves, within reason ship carcass in film Titanic that its pride recognized in all world angle. That Ship's-length can be come up toes ships fery that exist in Indonesia. When conduct diving and see ship carcass under the sea, You will feel like Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey in film Fool’s Gold when they pay dirt searching. Wow!

That more draw next, besides cheerful ber-diving and conquer various of challenges, You also can get history knowledge about Indonesia. Purportedly a freighter of fleet property coal sink the Netherlands in territorial water is referred [as] around 60 year ago. Story that circulate mention ship is referred [as] sink because the nahkoda suspect Kepulauan Karimun Java is coast coastal area Semarang, Central Java. Elementary coasts in Karimun Java that relative low make ship is referred [as] aground and finally sink.

This Wreck dive are existed in Pulau Kemojan, one of the 27 islands that existed in Karimun Java. Don't pass challenge that one this, cause it’s full of challenge!

Penangkaran Hiu

After pass stress wreck dive in Pulau Kemojan, continue wisata adventure by sail to Pulau Menjangan that serve other stress will become experience that not fail serunya. Like to know likely look out on direct with shark? Sea Animal that one this [it is true] dreadful but this rareness opportunity prohibition is passed.
Island Menjangan have a penangkaran shark. Likely very attractive will see shark that will very will raise hell referred [as] ahead time our eye. Even not only see, for owner Anda bravery, race adrenalin by swim with serrated fish referred [as]. But don't worry, there is guide that will accompanies Anda. For a few moment Anda can be friends with shark. Very attractive not bercengkrama with predatory fishes referred [as].

Don’t Miss It!

Much other activities that can Anda conduct to fill vacation in Karimun Java. Try it yourself!

* Sail, water, and water ski, Island that existed in Karimun plenty [of] Java, You can select one of island to conduct various of wisatas water. Activity like sail, water, and water ski snugly to try. Satisfaction that Anda get not fail please from place wisata other sea.
* Sunbathe in white sand, Don't in a hurry to Miami to sunbathe! Enough to Karimun Java and Anda can enjoy sunshine presentation above white sand at the same time perceives view make surprise this island.
* Snorkling, For Anda penikmat undersea nature, then agenda [is] obliged to hereinafter is snorkling in area noted for Pulau Menjangan terumbu gorgeous rock and beautiful fishes that dwell it
* Festival Durian on January/March in Jepara
* Vacation to Karimun Java, don't forget to stop by to Jepara, specially for you devotee Durian. Manis Taste this and delicious fruit!

How to get there?

* From Semarang, You can by bus that will eat time for 1,5 hour.
* From Jepara (Port Kartini) [go] to Karimun Java, You can go up fery/motor ship with old journey more or less six hour. This Transportation there has been only one multiply within a week

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