Temple Rimbi - jombang indonesia

Condition this Candi Rimbi cusorily look likes Candi Sumur that reside in Sidoarjo. Temple Body that likely torn that has been upstood range from to stone ruins exists andesit around it. With condition like that, difficult known like what actually physique and temple roof.
Still at part of temple foot/feet still can be found various of reliefes that depict human and animal. One of unique relief is existence of relief that depict a couple of humans (pengantin) which was in a tun. Unhappily until now can not have yet filled story that tried depicted pass by relief-relief is referred [as].

Base building architectural art, Temple Rimbi Hindu. This condition, marked the invention of arca Dewi Parwati (wife Dewa Siwa) that now kept in Museum Nasional Jakarta. Arca Parwati are found in main room temple. But, this room has been there is next, because separoh from temple body has collapsed.

Dewi Parwati are known as woman symbol that really have all best requirements as [the] a woman, mother and wife. Parwati are also considered as goddess of fertility device, together with Siwa, both of them are often described as yoni (woman symbol) and colossus (symbol of man man). Arca Parwati that found in Candi Rimbi portrays Tribuana Wiajaya Tunggadewi, queen Majapahit that govern in 1328 pin-cushion 1350 M.

Arca-arca Hindu is quite a lot found in temple page. Unhappily, that arca-arca has stayed in intact condition, even some of which only leave overs its cutting of body member [only]. In temple page is existed stone ruins. For example there is an ex lining to place arca.

At that lining only remained foot/feet palm arca. A scorpion decoration of the size rather big, tergeletak disalah one angle;corner of temple page. Predicted, this stone is before now used to decorate entrance to room (room) temple. An inveterate matter exist ons other Hindu temples in province East Java. Name Candi Rimbi also often called also Cungkup Pulo. Name Rimbi is related to figure name pewayangan called Arimbi, wife Werkudoro (Bima).

Body Candi Rimbi is formed from rock andesit whereas for its foundation built from batubata. From this location where temple exists our can see panorama Gunung Anjasmoro that located in south Kota Mojokerto. Temple Rimbi by it self in the countryside Pulosari, District Bareng, Sub-province Jombang and occupy areal for the width of 896.56 square meters. Building that is there [is] still now having footage 13,24 metres, wide 9,10 metres and high 12 metres.

Not many tourists that pay a visit to this archaeology location. Amount of average visitor only reaches 100 people per month. Generally come or bring some family members.

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