Movie Valentine's Day 2010

Movie Valentine's Day 2010

Thanks to his appearance in 'New Moon', actor Taylor Lautner is now flooding the offer other movies. Recently, actor Jacob Black's signed a contract to perform at the superhero movie 'Max Steel'.

As quoted from Aceshowbiz detikhot, Tuesday (8/12/2009), in the film, he will portray the character of Josh McGrath. In the story 'Max Steel', Josh is a 19-year-old teenager who by accident becomes superhuman. Currently, Chad Damiani and JP Lavin working on the script 'Max Steel'.

But the plans of Paramount Picture's film released in 2012 have not decided who will be directed. "Max Steel 'is a character creation Mattel. These characters were already appearing in several comic and cartoon series on television. So while waiting for the release of 'Max Steel', you can watch silly ASKI Taylor in 'Valentine's Day'. Romantic comedy is scheduled to be available in U.S. theaters starting February 12, 2010.

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