Earth Snow Papua Terayu world tourism - papua Indonesia.

Earth Snow Papua Terayu
world tourism - papua Indonesia.

Country full of adventure. That phrase Papua blind. Not only offers a natural charm and challenge, a huge island in the east end of this archipelago also has a snowy area, like in Europe. Travel to Papua done by the author, Beautiful Permaihati and colleagues, this is a journey and the work previously unimaginable. Imagine, among team members, five people have never even mountain climbing. And, once had to climb, to the mountain known as fierce in this country. Logistics is a separate problem in travel. To travel for 2 weeks, the weight of our supplies from Jakarta, plus purchased from Timika and Tembagapura, has reached 1.2 tons. Fortunately, there are those who assist and prepare the helicopter that will take some of these logistics to the base camp .-

Although most participants of this trip is not a professional climber, we can feel relieved. Because the team accompanied the climbers who have had experience, especially climbing the snow mountains in Papua. One of them is Mulyono Ripto has climbed more than 20 times .- The climb begins from the region called the Zebra Wall. So called because here there is a giant wall of zebra pattern. This location is often used by hikers to stay overnight before continuing the ascent .-

The following day, the journey continued to a place called the Valley Lakes. Personal equipment and the estimated logistic enough to travel to the Lakes was our hips. This trip brings climbers to the area every so-called "Door Wind", a long hallway into the gap that often wind berhembusnya .-

However, the hardest part of this day trip was a climb called "Oh Mama". His name is fitting to explain this rise. In addition to very steep and narrow, crossing slopes very draining. Anyway, anyone who pass by will and moaning, calling his mama .- Lakes Valley is Gorgeous-Aside from the exhausting climb after about 2 hours of walking, a beautiful valley spread out wide in front of the eye. Flanked by two mountains, the Peak Sumantri and Puncak Jaya, the towering. The valley is located at an altitude of 4200 meters from sea-level is decorated with two small lakes with different colors namely, green and blue. This is where climbers usually take a rest while enjoying the charming atmosphere before reaching the base camp location has been determined .-
Lakes Valley is strategic. From here, climbers can easily to the tops of mountains in Papua, which will climb. Not only that, the beautiful natural scenery and unique will make anyone reluctant to leave this place. Besides being used as a base camp, this is where the climbers undergo acclimatization or climate adjustments last for a few days .-

On the appointed day, the climb to the Puncak Jaya began. Climbing leader set a time for two days to take up this climb. By late afternoon, we arrived at the destination, an inlet of the mountain. This is what later became temporary shelter prior to Puncak Jaya. The snow is falling so hard to make the temperature go drop, reaching about 2 to minus 5 degrees .-

The next morning, we went to Puncak Jaya. After struggling through the snow field and the very cold air, it was a dream peak was reached late morning. Feelings of joy and sadness enveloped the atmosphere instantly in the form of plateau icefield is. However, this excitement must be passed as climbing leader decided to go down again .-

The journey down was not as easy as you think. Gloves and socks are wet, three times sank into "hell" itself. To avoid a rock slide, we chose the way bergrak declined. Although exhausting, the trip for 9 hours this becomes a separate record that is, we are able to "defeat" .-

Land yourself in the highest-addition Nusantara Puncak Jaya. Papua also has Carstensz Pyramid Peak. 4884-meter-high peak is much coveted local and foreign climbers as reliable as the highest land in Indonesia and even the continent of Asia, Australia .-

Reaching the top of Carstensz course it is not easy. Terrain is far more extreme than the field in the Puncak Jaya and the necessary climbing skills and techniques to climb high. Not to mention snow storms, fog and strong winds are always lurked the climbers. Therefore, not all of us participate as climbing to the top of this .-
There was, climbing in the mountains of Papua, this must end. Puncak Jaya and the legendary Cartenz it has successfully achieved. For me, this may be a very tough climb, but not the last .-

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