Deer meat marauke . tourism marauke indonesia

Deer meat marauke .
tourism marauke indonesia

Crowds in Merauke City may only be equated with the condition of the city districts in Java. Almost all business activities or be centered community along Jalan Raya Mandala long, except in traditional markets. Banks, supermarkets, electronics stores, hotels, homes or place of snacks can be found here. Even sales outlets and mobile phone easy to find .-

pulses Especially for your restaurant will be a little difficult to enjoy beef or buffalo. Dishes or foods that use meat as a main ingredient used in the form of deer meat was served. The price of beef or buffalo higher is one of the causes. However, this would not add to your culinary tour experience? -

Several houses in a small way (around it) is also utilized as a center of handicrafts and souvenirs. Bags, shoes, belts, and wallets made from animal skin, or deer jerky, for example. Since the authenticity of materials and good manufacturing quality, a friend intended to be bought in large quantities and sell them back in Jakarta with higher prices .-

There is an unusual in business here, something difficult happened in other areas. Shops and places of business almost entirely closed at 12-13 and reopened at WIT 17-18. And this applies every day. Not known with certainty since when and why this is done. So is the public transportation in the city. Charge USD 2500 per person. But trayeknya could change following the desire of passengers to a location outside the main line. Imagine if there are 1-2 other people in it are in a hurry but had to accompany .-

Roads in the capital city and surrounding districts enjoy decent and smooth. Perhaps that is installed be proud of a long steel frame bridge 565 feet above the River Maro. Approximately 7 miles from downtown. From the bridge we could watch the sunrise (sunrise) and sunset (sunset) .-

The bridge was very important role for the mobilization of citizens, as well as connecting several districts like Kumbe, Semangga, Jagebob, and Soil Slopes. Just to remind, in this last district President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his entourage could make the rice harvest in the 2005/2006 growing season area of 4700 hectares of land .-

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