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I invite you to visit one of the areas in South Kalimantan, exactly Amuntai City, the capital of Hulu Sungai Utara (HsU). The position of this city is flanked by two rivers, the River and Balangan Tabalong. To reach them, you have to travel a considerable distance for about 6 hours overland journey. Syamsudin Noor Airport of Banjarmasin.

the North Hulu Sungai which is about 250 km from Banjarmasin Before the move, which must have imagined dibenak overland journey long enough.

Not to mention the big question mark is what will the trip? Understandably so far this trip to North Hulu Sungai is not so familiar names. But along the way, the view will see more colored by coal mining. Not bad, quite interesting. Especially when he saw the coal mining closer to making the process as well as those of coal. Not far from the new coal mines, the scene changed into a swamp.

No wonder indeed, considering the land in Kalimantan is dominated peat soils of the marsh is still very large and empty. Despite looking semraut, but the condition of the peat soil is very fertile with many unique plants that grow in it. I can only humming to myself, this country was so rich and varied natural resources. But unfortunately have not managed optimally so that people far from affluent. Phenomenon sunrise golden brown will make you terpesona.yang Rarely can find such natural treats.

Usually I just swallowed menyakasikan ocean sunset on the beach. Not long after sunrise, the activity Amuntai City residents began to appear. There were school children who came out of his house, walked together to school. There are vegetable vendors are busy peddling his wares in one corner of the market. It appears also that the police directing traffic even though they are not too cluttered.

Amuntai city is also known as the City Agro Alabio Duck. Therefore, in the middle of town there is a statue of a duck as a landmark of this city. His name is Duck Alabio Monument.

According to several people who have felt Alabio Duck dishes, it's incomparable. I think you are too tempted to taste it.

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