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If the Samarinda in East Kalimantan in particular, should visit this place, the Village Pampang in Samarinda. In this village we can see the culture of one of the Dayak tribes who performed there for wisatawan.Di visitors can see performances of Dayak culture and dance approximately 2 hours, held at the house adat.Di addition, can also see directly Dayak community life. After watching the show, visitors also can take pictures with dancers or with people who berkuping Dayak long. Once an image, you should spend for 25.000. Or if you want to rent costumes for the picture itself, only pay 15,000, -.

After satisfying picture, we can get around in the custom house and looking for souvenirs that you can take home. There are key chain decorated with fangs bear, tiger and wild boar. There is also a typical weaving and so on .-

dayak Satisfied visit traditional villages, should stop at the Botanical Gardens Samarinda, before it returned to Samarinda. Over there, there are distinctive flora and fauna unique East Kalimantan. From Samarinda, do not forget to stop by first to Kutai Kertanagera museums, museum of wood containing fossils of petrified wood, large crocodile human predators have also preserved .- complete trip in Tenggarong if you have not visited the island of Kumala. This island comes from the Mahakam River delta and is located in the middle of the Mahakam river. Kumala Island to the small boat can rise with the cost Rp.3000, -/person. Do not be afraid to even a small boat, complete savior jacket. Ticket into the island Kumala Rp. 2500, -/person. Here, we can relax with family ria with an interesting variety of games, there is Go Karting, there is a cable car, a tower and so on .-

For a visit there, must go through Balikpapan, a city transit prior to Samarinda (East Kalimantan provincial capital). From Balikpapan Samarinda you're heading to the various levels, including by bus (bus fare around Rp.17.500 AC) or by renting a private car around Rp.250.000 - Rp.300.000 / day, or hire a taxi back and forth around Rp.200.000, -- .-

If you take the bus from Samarinda, the trip to the village Pampang (at Bontang) followed by angkot or motorcycle taxi costs around 20,000, -. The whole trip can be enjoyed in a single day's all. Unfortunately, cultural activities in the village Pampang lasted Sunday at around 13:00 noon. And, do not be late for cultural performances only once .-

My advice, we recommend to Tenggarong first thing in the morning and afternoon to the village Pampang. How? Want a trip to Samarinda? --

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