Liwa, Cold city that warms INDONESIA SUMATRA

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Stand at a high sekarajaya, I witness hooking cloud at hills. blustery swish, crepitate hydro, and ilalang's the blow of wind prompt liwa's love billow flowering city goes to my ear. canyon valley and tebiu's ham lake gets mendalamkan your present meaning in each epoch beat.

This elongated versed passage Udo Z. Karzi, "How come I Forget" about its natal city, Liwa. One small town which almost is forgotten in vociferous country map. Nevertheless, rain city that lies at this plateau finds time menghebohkan because knocked over by earthquake gets force 6,6 on richter scale, 15th February 1994.

Teens last year, Liwa helter skelter. Nearly all permanent building at Liwa level with the ground. No less than 196 souls of many villages and districts at Lampung Is dead West. Total wounding well-nigh up to 2.000 person. Averagely they die and hurt because overwritten building falls. Forfeit population home welling-nigh to reach 75 thousand.

One earthquake monument most stake at Tebiu's Ham sepulchre as material as remembering. One bitter memory about Liwa.

But, after such a degree year over, term gently over. Now, Liwa makes a abode amends become one region which safe, peace, and pleasant. Evenless with lush earth can give more life wherewith.

Liwa lies at divergent road that links three provinces, which is Lampung own, Bengkulu, and south Sumatra.

Liwa who covers one marga (marga Liwa) and one district (District Turns Back Hill) consisting of 11 (eleven) pekon (sub-district): Padangcahya, Way Claims, Liwa's market, kubuperahu, sebarus, Gunungsugih, Way Empulau Ulu, Watas, Padangdalom, Sukarame, and Bahway.

At downtown, Monuments grandiose stand Timbered Hagha who becomes legend about tribal embryotic origin Lampung who is now scatter to all province corner furnished with language, letter of the alphabet, and its culture.

Lie at mountain with balmy atmosphere and beautiful panorama as extensive as vicinity 3.300 hektare, Liwa is eksotisme divides lovers nature. Liwa (also name one of marga of 84 marga at Lampung) range severally pekon (village) one that drawned round by its green hills. Of too far, deep blue Mountain Pesagi, supreme mountain at Lampung (2. 262 m), add lovely city.

At supreme hillside at Lampung this trusted has once stood up Skalabrak's monarchy that downs buay buay Ompung's offspring the Lamponga (Lampung).

Since before, Liwa well known as peemukiman what does rejoice, safe, and peace for everyone. Dutchman at preceding colonial term even utilize this city as place gets holiday, respite, and gets easy going.

Severally Dutch remaining building for that matter whole before earthquake tektonik gets to try a fall 6,5 richter scale punch this city, 15th February 1994. Now, severally remaining Dutch still gets we see as catgut those are now become police force Office sectorally (Polsek) Return Hill and guesthouse (now Hotel Sindalapai).

At this city person can study antigempa's building construction. Severally building which whole even thrashed by earthquake 1933 and 1994 can be proof about Lampung's person ability in create buildings traditional technology bate earthquake. Even now, Lampung's local government beginning West applies this.

Development about residence islandic, about office, and back school is built with antigempa's building construction. At that time, society builds around 60 mosques and there is also schools with material ferocemen, which is cement material by assembled on ground bones as supplementary as concrete irons.

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