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boat laden queen princes rode quietly over the water surface Mempawah River. Sassy yellow boat that departed from the famous Palace Amantubillah. On arrival at the estuary, a retainer of the palace echoes the call to prayer. After that, the crown prince and punggawanya throw into the sea as sesajain bala divorce. That core robok-robok activities that took place in Kuala Mempawah, mid-March. Since morning, people flocked to crowded field Mempawah River, about 200 meters from the estuary. By mid-morning visitors who come increasingly booming. Not just residents of Kuala Mempawah, but only complains that came from various villages in the district of Pontianak. Not even a citizen of Pontianak who had come with a journey of about 2 hours .-

A young couple came to a motorbike. Some families use private cars. There are also several groups who come by car and pickup trucks. As a result, about 200 meters from the mouth of the road to the location of congestion. Moreover, all the way to the field there are stalls of merchants selling various products, such as clothing, food, drinks, accessories, vcd, and so on that day .-

Although the weather was hot, sunny, but no intention of loosening to come . Their goal one, want to see both robok-robok shopping and enjoying the free entertainment. Several foreign tourists were seen among the hundreds of local visitors .-

In the field, number of guests already occupying the chairs covered a large tent overlooking river. Visitors who are not caught up in the chair of the river mouth. Soon the yellow boat carrying a group of Queen of the Palace of Prince Amantubillah, Dr. Ir. Martian Adijaya Kesuma Ibrahim, MSc drove over the water Mempawah River, about 20 yards from where the guests sat. When entering the estuary Mempawah, Prince Queen picked up by the crown prince and a palace retainer with a boat up the sassy yellow .-

In Mempawah Estuary, a retainer of the palace echoes the call from the boat. After that, the crown prince doing wasting ritual offerings to the sea as divorce bala. Furthermore, the Queen and Prince Consort came the invitation, while the crown prince returned to the palace .-

Celebration robok-rohok tradition is slightly different times, more special than previous years. In this year, the celebration centered on Mempawah River King and Queen attended and representatives from a number of court in Indonesia, which was followed Festival Keraton Nusantara II. They became the included special guests see first hand the tradition of celebration robok-robok .-

After the ceremonial opening of the Cultural Arts Festival Keraton Nusantara II and Art Festival Budaya Melayu IV as West Kalimantan, entertained guests with an offering traditional dancing Kal-Bar. There Mamiri Anging dance, typical Bugis in South Sulawesi. Then welcome dance typical Malays brought some female dancers dressed in yellow. And continued with the dancing girl of 6 who could steal the invitation .-

After the closing prayers, kings, queens and hosted by the Prince invited the Queen to lunch at the Palace Amantubillah. The procession was to use lunch or dinner saprahan tradition with typical people who live on the coast. "In the past when coming in Memawah Opu no home. They then sat down and ate together on the banks of the river covered the sky. The tradition is then performed Mempawah communities were hereditary," said Prince Queen Mardan. After eating, some invitations made a pilgrimage to the tomb .-

Manambon Guest Ompu meaning-the celebration of tradition robok by Prince Queen robok Mardan as Historian Daeng Opu Manambon arrival. "When it's followers Opu Manambon Daeng, consisting of various ethnic and religious," he said. So robok believed robok-laden with messages of unity of all ethnic and religious communities in West Kalimantan. The message is the legacy left by Daeng Opu Manambon when establishing Mempawah City .-

"They gathered on the end of the month Safar Wednesday. Together they build Mempawah. There was a harmony of meaning between ethnic and religious celebrations robok reversed-robok this,"

- Proof Other than the harmony that, go Mardan, can be seen in the cemetery Manambon Opu Daeng. On the tomb is also Commander of Black tomb terdapt Dayaks, Regent Humantir and Javanese Damarwulan, Lo Pak Tai Tionghoa people, and several other ethnic tomb .-

The Governor of West Kalimantan H. Usman Jafar said robok-robok Kalbar tourism asset. "Warning robok-robok this year united with the Malays and Festival Festival Kraton Nusantara gives new color to enhance arts and culture,"

As in previous years, robok-robok celebration which has become one of the national tourism calendar this hihuran free society. Some entertainment is shown as a contest of water motors, custom clothing, Qasidah, karaoke song, tambourine, albarzanji, monkey nut, pat the pillow, pull the ropes, table tennis, volleyball, football goal kid, canoe races, dance area, and other arts attractions in Pontianak regency. These activities took place on the banks of the River Mempawah from morning till night-Robok .-

robok for some local communities into its own blessing. They wash the rupiah by selling various products in a row of stalls around the site that turned into a market shock. Usually they are sold a week before and after the implementation robok .-

robok-Celebration Tips robok-robok tradition every year take place in Kuala Mempawah, Pontianak District, West Kalimantan. Mempawah location within easy reach. From Bandana Supandio, Pontianak live chartered taxi or bus travel. It takes about 2 hours .-

Or can the public bus from the terminal to Kuala Pontianak Mempawah. Paved road with traffic smooth deserted. If tired and hungry, coming home from watching robok-robok, can stop at Pondok Pengkang that serves traditional foods and snacks Malays pengkang throwing rice or similar .-

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