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Wisata Mandeh's area lies at Koto's district XI Tarusan that gets direct bounds with Moorland City. Thisa just spaced 56 Km of Moorlands broadly ± 18.000 Ha and time sails through around 56 minutes. Wisata Mandeh's area girdles 7 Kampongs at 3 nagari that dwelt by 9.931 islandic souls with farming living, breed and fisherman.

wisata's object Mandeh's Area (Mandeh is Resort) was known zoom good national and also International by marks sense intern investment (Itali), developing recognised wisata resort with Cubadak Paradiso. Even Mandeh's Area have become policy main destination sector kebaharian's tourism that is inserted into Developmental Parented Plan National Tourism (RIPPNAS) with breed and Bunaken. Wisata Mandeh's area really keeps faith to be made to the effect investment.

This location at conceive of area Wisata Mandeh because one of kampong that is at thisa named Kampong Mandeh, one that famous at Carocok Tarusan's Bay middle part. Carocok Tarusan's bay last landai and not wavy since at its vicinity there are some isle amongst those Traju's Island, Devil island Outgrows and little, Sironjong's island Outgrows and little, besides of course Cubadak's Island. While at thisa austral is its correct at Carocok's Kampong there is one meliuk's cape such as angle, so bay appears such as one lake which boggle by its wavelet that ever singing is not henti hentinya.

At Mandeh's Area north side there are some island which circle which is: Bintangor's island, Pagang's island, Serpent island, and adjoining Glow Island with sikuai Island. At coastwise of Banana River Kampong gets to Carocok's Kampong its area last landai and sandy white with severally adjures shielding as coconut palm, waru's tree, jack fruit tree and any other as it.

7 Kampongs of 3 Nagari at thisa most turns in at wisata's development area which is: Mudiak's kampong Water, Carocok's divergent kampong, Island kampong Sinks, Nyalo's River kampong, River kampong Bargains, River kampong Keeps Company With and Raya's Bay Kampong. Resident around Mandeh's Area is known last court and quick gets to assimilate by immigrant society, even likes to help.

Not mengada mengada presumably, if thisa nicknamed by The Paradise In The Shouth (heaven at south), fathom a meaning at West Sumatra Province austral. At heaven this is all getable tranquility. Resident localing to utilize calm and this bay tranquility with navigates it, and rows arrest boat fish out. Even touristed one comes here frequent utilize this oceanic lake for swimming of one island goes to another island, besides of course it also to dove, witness aesthetical seabed with various shaped and cockle type and the living one fish over there.

Areas entering gate Mandeh can be reached overwater and land ways. If goes aboard / boat can of Port Bungus, Chasm, Bayur's bay or of Port Tarusan's Moorland and Bay Estuary. Meanwhile if by the way of land, available three alternative of three internode clears a root that different. First alternative of Tarusan's Market passes through to deviate carocok, alternatife second pass insipid river and alternative third from Bungus continually goes to Areca River and An River Nyalo. Ways internode recent it passes Carocok continually fringe beach and hills lip that landai along 12,5 Km.

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