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Petrify Shark with its remainder is still can be witnessed as stone outgrows kindred black chromatic shark which be swim if oceanic is assembling. Place that frequently diziarahi on their behalf that wants to become sinden (singer) beken or penabuh is that famous gamelan begins from Genter Oder's curtsey folklore, Galuh Oder's curtsey and Galunggung's curtsey yellows. Galunggung's curtsey yellows to be asked for by help catches fish for lawuh to eat they with are more than 60 its team members. But, before its haul is cooked, Galuh Oder's curtsey ask haul fish type curtseys Galunggung yellow. But, fish is with skinned hard without sisik that kehitaman's chromatic abrupt changed as stone tatkala curtseys Galunggung yellow answers it: "Shark". Since then society nickname beach at that region Batuhiu's Beach.

Shark stone as coral reef that most bray by wave and forming as snout of shark. Its unique there a lot of growing adjures that entah what its name, its root is big spt adjures mangrove and its leaf as frond. At our bank periphery can see south sea escape landscape and billow right below us. One that favor goes fish to get also goes fish from above bank. If sunset must its atmosphere magnificent there.

To reach Shark Stone can start from Pangandaran, sail through around 15 km westwards wend (gone in for aim Cijulang), or shortcut's takings of Line directing to wend south, to Parigi's city. There is Parigi's Line bus, or Ciamis Parigi if not incorrect. From Parigi haven't far again, about 10 tripping minutes. The way flawless and available 2 pom refuels around Parigi.

There is alimentary grocer booths at Stone Shark. About Shark Stone available also pembibitan's resident and location gathering place shrimps by way of earth fringe beach that adequately pulls to be sailed through by 4WD.. Just not nembusnya's tofu where

For lodging can look for around Cijulang, krn doesn't restrain from Green Canyon, or all together at Pangandaran just krn time just sail through vicinity 45 minutes.

travel tourism

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