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"G Land, The seven Giant Waves Wonder" That epithet gave by peselancar utk's intern rolling wave at Plengkung's beach that gets location at Purwo's Shod National Park (TNAP), Banyuwangi, East java. G have three konotasi that different: Green, krn is its location by the side of forest, Grajagan, point's name is hovered before there is road passes by at forest or Great Krn incorrectly the best one wave at world. Whatever its mean, that is epithet for one local name named Plengkung.

Wave at Plengkung constitutes one of the best one at world. Wave as high as 4 6 meters along 2 dlm's km formation 7 multilevel waves "go to left" square with rode on by peselancar left handed. Besides Plengkung Utk Peselancar Prof, there is also Lawang Utk's Stone Beach studies. Wave in here so-called "twenty twenty" with the meaning twenty minute utk rows to intermediate and twenty minute enjoys wave footbridge.

TNAP besides heaven it peselancar also place which can satisfy hobby gets tramp penetrate forest, observing satwa at Sadengan and visit goes to mistis's cave cave. Entah why TNAP also all the much place visitted by utk aim meditates dgn ethnical background sort and religious of all Indonesia. Some bodies even was defensive 3 year get meditations at forest / dgn's cave just food patch up or daun2an what does didptkan at its vicinity. Place Cave cave gets to meditate is Palace Cave, Daughter cave and Residence Cave, besides Tiger Cave that konon has assess tall mistis. This cave is reached from Fount Post in as much as 2 hike km.

Besides meditation Cave, available Pura Old already is there far before TNAP there is. kenunikan pura it. lie to be intermediated by TNAP'S forest. Its cave. Named Giri Seloka; there are many visited its follower on Wesi's Fence holy day.

Sadengan is observation place 200 an bull tails, also deer and peacock, lie not not nearly entrance Rawabendo, 3 km clear a root macadams via jati's plant old already dihutankan its state. Ngagel's beach penangkaran's place belimbing's turtle, grey and green just spaced 3 km from Rawabendo by the way of macadam and beach sands.

TNAP that its location is at east tip that constricts, having lovely beach myriad nan desert, not nearly city tourist frenzy. Its beach is categorised lovely and sandy white spt. Trianggulasi's beach. Here terdpt lodging that adequately lovely utk overnight, but konon is its current best of all swift.

dgn's Buckshot beach its white sand that globulous big its sand so demulcent, so feels utk hard walking at its beach. There is again Beach Parang Ireng with its jet-black sand. At beach among Fount goes to Plengkung exists sawo kecik's forest unique one grows up juxtaposed be stepped aside beach. Numbers sawo kecik dgn's forest its red colored skin no that harvests and fall at earth, its fruit can direct eat dgn its nice taste.

Forest TNAP can thru reach Banyuwangi's city to aim Muncar or Benculuk goes on to aim Anyar's Market passes through Tegal Dlimo. From here melaju in as much as 10 km by the way of macadam wend National Park main doors at Rowobendo. From Rowobendo, 3km dgn clears a root macadam make towards Fount post. Of branching road Founts wends Sadengan, Ngagel's beach or continually goes to Plengkung. Of Fount goes to Plengkung Is 6km insofar, although asphalt road that stills new (partly little only unfinished), while it just may reach dgn 3 tricks: on foot up to 2 hours, ride a motorcycle trail TNAP jagawananya therewith, or utilizes pick up's special transportation that brought off by TNAP. Personal vehicle just may be parked at Fount post. Ngagel's beach location, Sadengan, Trianggulasi Dpt's beach reached by dlm momentary calculation of Fount krn can sail through dgn edge out utilize vehicle any kind.

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