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TOURISM Curug Cilember's mode constitute dgn's hill panorama merkusi's pine carpet where terdpt wellspring and waterfall source. Its location doesn't restrain from Jakarta; be at band road left Ciawi Culminates, correct it at Cisarua ± 15 Km of Gadog's toll door (Jagorawi). Be at lindung Bogor's forest area Culminates Cianjur (Bopunjur) at high ± 800 mdpl. To reach Curug Cilember of Ciawi's highway periphery Culminates, are not looked available plank clear a root that selfexplanatory, so has active ask to go to stan ojek at ways mouth. Its entranceway is enough constricts, through housing which adequately shuts close, curve. If you take in sizable vehicle, its pretend smash well-nigh house roof person.

Along road, heart continually asks, what right available waterfall is after house. After by the way of tortuous flawless asphalts, as once most force back forward while berpapasan dgn vehicles versus tenor, on last zoom that high enough, at one hill which is still to be looked after Perhutani, behind horde villa villa dgn its extensive page, exist one hill which variably of its vicinity. Its hill. visually flashy within brimfull other hills islandic farms. Finding greenness in here, as find oasis was intermediated by desert that consists kampong, villa and corn garden. Blur just one punggungan hill just that still looked dgn's green pine plant gets sizeable diameter. That hill named Hambalang.

But, after enter its gate, drastic changed landscape. Now we enter its beautiful and calm location. Crepitate hydro heard of one bamboo douche that nods krn empties then teris is waters and so on. Unclouded water is adrift to be interrupted rocks and tanam2an what do come from one wellsprings upon; one place which we will wend. Drawbridge, butterfly garden, water garden, orchid garden, adding rileks's atmosphere that usually we get while beresonansi dgn's frequency nature; one harmony which we are looking for.

Name plank at portal front gets to set down perhutani dgn's collaboration Jogjogan's village. Maybe it is one of good example, that village followinging to enjoy dgn's tourist present comes on to bring off parking, hygiene, security and other management form. They also come on plant out capital, booth, villa, w.c. and therewith tent lease its outfit.

This place strategics, fledged and enough beautiful utk hands down family reunion outgrow, holiday with children, and also schoolmate holidays. Doing activity at nature and overnight in here agreeable enough. No need worried, herein there are some villa cute suasanya menyatu dgn's one nature, musholla, w.c. and clear bathroom. So if we are not dpt utterly leave city way of living or if we take in senior family members or balita, its taste is this place enough is equal to if than dgn is Safari Park for example, one that not far from there, one that also offer similar thing, but more komersial.

Wanawisata Curug Cilember is good place for utk's children starts to get dgn's acquaintance nature, independent living studying, studying cooks while play, wonder aesthetical. And the most is lionized for plays favorites townsman, are its location that don't more one hour get vehicle of Jakarta.

You also not necessarily take in outfit what what, krn is tent and tool even cook can be rent. Security that usually does ever be alarmed utk one camping family, not necessarily there is, krn is camping ground's location is looked after 24 hours by militias of kampong resident around one understands means the importance for your convenience securities there.

To the effect main goes to Curug Cilember Is visit high-rise Curug sevens. Generally touristed family enjoys curug seventh; one curug is hovered, one that just a few hundred meters of portals. Meanwhile special yen tourist (adventure) can continually sixth wend another curug above.

There is lane of stone makes towards curug 5 and curug 6, utk uses this road silvan resident need tap pine rubber. Uppermost Curug (Curug two) sailed through by dgn on foot at least 1~2 the time of day. Meanwhile curug one more lie onto again, two hours from Curug second. Few Konon person just that to there, kn the way difficult and islandic around calls as region not get gentleman. Entah really or not, if you unmitigated tramp, that myth against utk was proven by truth it.

If hankering here, come in the morning before too much papasan dgn other vehicles at inaccessible silvan. Saturday and Sunday is day most multitude and oftentimes need booking to get utilizes camping ground at weekend krn Curug Cilember is one of utk camping's favorite place at south Jakarta.

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