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Since is established as regency 5 last year, Belitung is East (Beltim) with Manggar as capital it, can't' silents' berbenah self at all area included tourism. As region that have wisata's object that most fledged count especially wisata its maritime, duly if Pemkab perceives tourism can become pledge to lift Beltim's image.

Beltim has medley tourism potency, covering maritime wisata, nature, history, culture and still a lot of again that as individuality Beltim. Special for wisata maritime, herein tourist will be indulged by beautiful oceanic landscape, its tender is sand turns white, and wave voice while feels its sun-shine warming. Backed up by susana what does restrain from city frenzy. Feel it also which felt by Travel Club (TC) while enjoy wisata maritime at Beltim.

To enjoy wisata maritime, TC shall fringe road with sewaan's car. Be understand of public transport in here very rare, even along even car road person just appears as once. But such medium clears a root at Beltim have gotten flawless asphalt so making easy to reach wisatanya's objects. This is that makes selfconfident TC a few years to the fore tourism condition at Beltim in particular wisata maritime can quick amends.

Beach excess at Beltim besides offers aesthetical natural, can also give calm to whoever that coming. If wants to be more than merely gets easy going, tourist can do maritime activity as goes fish, swimming, and visits its isle.

Punai's beach e.g., constituting beach that lies tip utmost at south Belitung's Island. Its position is surrounding 18 Km of Song district or about 1,5 tripping hours (100 Km) of Airport H. ACE Hanandjoeddin or Porting at Screw Pine Cape. While comes unto Punai's Beach direct tourist can see landscape as sand of white was adorned by formation bebatuan granite and coconut palm suite at along its coast.

Its wave is calm with gradation color goes out to sea greenness blue until flip peace image and cool headed for any individual that sees it. Calm at Beach Punai can be enjoyed besides off-day. Calm beach character well-matched to go fish, swimming, and snorkeling. At even off-day touristed can make a abode to feel calm, since this beach extensive rank, so tourist can choose reputed place calmer.

In front this beach available isle named Island Punai. If oceanic water blowing over tourist hike can go to before island as place transits Punai's Bird. Base TC's monitoring, Punai's beach constitutes one of the best one beach at Beltim.

Nyiur Melambai

Other beach that also really been hankered tourist is Nyiur Melambai's Beach. This beach have shoreline that memanjang. This beach is unornamented bebatuan granite. There's only coconut palm suite and cemara. That don't variably be a lot of leaning fisherman boat. Its wave is calm and its soft sand.

At this beach arranged kerap activity sort as yacht race traditional, voli is beach, lomba makes diligence, etcetera. Beach that does ever offer calm but on this off-day is at Manggar's district or about 90 Km of Screw Pine Capes, Belitung. Herein tourist can aptly get easy going or do activity as go fish, swimming, and another water sport.

Beach character that nearly kindred with Punai is Hill Beach Petrify. By name it, at this beach tourist was treated by landscape as hills and bebatuan is big granite at coastwise it. Its beach sand that white and soft, its air is even balmy. Visitors which wants to get easy going while memandangi goes out to sea to get seats under treed or in cafe.

Its split up is umpteen beach area by granite bulk make visitors can choose a part shielded beach and having kind of privasi alone. Of hill flank, landscape toward the sea looked very clear. Effect water discoloration depth difference goes out to sea to begin from greenness young blue goes to dark blue. Or as shaped as tan colored circle because available terumbu authors, can be seen by naked eye.

Tripping tips

Flight goes to Belitung (Screw Pine cape) of Jakarta just two-time deep one day. To berwisata maritime at Beltim better tourist lease car because public transport in one day just pass 2 times. Or can utilize wisata's package that is on the market by trip bureau.

To enjoy watersport can visit Bandoeng River at Manggar's district. This constitute the one only place at Beltim who have watersport's facility modern as jet propulsion of skiing, banana boat, water is skiing, speed boat, etcetera. Or can come to historic weir with beautiful panorama that named Pice at region Hangs to merely go fish by boat or enjoy sunset.

But divides bottom admirer go out to sea, Island Memperak can become tourist option for diving or snorkeling. To return to tourist Jakarta suggesting to order fetching car goes to Airport (Screw Pine cape) one day previous.

world travel tourism

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