world travel tourism. New strait beach at Bengkalis INDONESIA SUMATRA

New strait beach constitute beach most beautiful both of at Bengkalis after Beach Rupat North. New strait Beach name alone being taken from village name where this beach lies, New strait village, one that also as Bantan's district Capital. Bengkalis's Regency government have made beach most conceive of one of wisata's object pledge.

Evident at party exhibits those area beach each year it. On sort arranges event race, as yacht race of junk, whirligig, and kite. Visitor can also witness various artistry attraction and regions traditional culture local.

New strait beach have beach carpet that landai and sandy ground along 2 kilometers with surrounding distance 200 meters of beach lips. Oceanic wave at this beach relative stable, no more than 1 meter, but on north wind season. Of this place make lee way Ledang's Mountain blue at neighbour country, Malaysia. Konon, at mountain that is Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat fights. While enjoys wind swish and oceanic waveband of Malacca strait, flying albatross present while preys fish at beach periphery, as landscape pulls to divide visitor.

New strait beach lie at Silvan strait New, Bantan's district, Bengkalis's regency, Riau's province, Indonesia.

New strait beach lie at north Bengkalis's Regency capital. Spaced more or less 7 (seven) kilometer with distance sails through around one hour utilize wheels vehicle two or wheeled four. From Pekanbaru, visitor can utilize water transportation with ford Siak's River wend Bengkalis's porting. Distance sails through it vicinity 5 (five) the time of day. Applicable other access visitor is band land. Which is, on the up grade bus from Pekanbaru wend Siak's Regency passes band to pass by Sumatra east. Distance sails through it more or less 2 (two) the time of day. Of Siak's porting, then trip drawned out by quick ship wend Bengkalis's porting with distance sails through around 2 (two) the time of day.

At this place visitor can do various activity, as sun-baked as (sun burning) at beach, surf (surfing), boating (boating), swimming (swimming), and going fish (fishing). But it, at those area also been proveded with porting gets remained international level wait its operating time and ferry crossing ship (RO RO) making for River Pakning, one that links it with Riau Continent and other cities at Sumatra. Its plan is Commanding Regency Bengkalis will also build airport, so makes easy visitor come there.

world travel tourism

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