world travel tourism. Bintan's island INDONESIA SUMATRA

Island Bintan is island the greatest at Riau's archipelagic bunch that was formalized as province, with Cape Keeps Company With (N000. 413020 E104.454545) as Capital Of Riau's archipelagic province. This Bintan's island lies around 50 miles southern Singapore. Main economic activity Bintan's island, besides mining and inter island trade, tourism may constitute contribution the greatest for region income. Bintan's island upstate, one that knew by Lagoi, provided for by tourism, notably divides turist – turist Malaysia and Singapore.

This Lagoi's region is set so immaculately with security that maximal, to ensure security for tourist. This Lagoi's settlement as Nusa Two at Bali, with severally hotel gets star 5, courses's golf and SPA. Currency that diberlakukan at hotel gets star be Singapore or US Dollars. Even island Bintan not has air station, but access, well to Batam's island and also Singapore very good.

Estimated around more than 5.000 persons that directly and also indirect working being sectorallied tourisme at Lagoi. They were provided by gathering place, dormitory furnished with traditional market for stationary everyday. Rule that diberlakukanpun so tights, which is: prices at gatherings place traditional market that be not been let overbids instead of prices at Cape market Keeps Company With. This gathering place within reason saebuah small town just. To staff managerial zoom, provided by apartment who lies in more area orderly at environment that nearby them working place each.

Trikora's beach that lies at islands east part Bintan. Trikora's name derivation apparently has two versions: the first linked with word “ three corrals ” konon that voiced by first intern immigrant at that island many puluh last years. More another version a lot of is followed, that Trikora's name linked by Tri People Commando one “ euphoria nasionalistic ” one pealed by Late RI's President is first Karno's Fella, due to confrontation campaign “ Malaysian Crush ” a few years ago.

In contrast to Lagoi, this beach, by the name of version whichever that is chosen, provided for turist local already goods of course doesn't get conduct as Lagoi's beach. It can be seen, of along road, met by people and fisherman gathering place, also of shaped hotels and prasarana prasarana another one, as restaurant and any other as it.

One that clear, medium takes the air at this Bintan's island pretty good and lenggang ……

world travel tourism

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