Dancing in Paradise peek Sawinggrai. travel tourism - Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Dancing in Paradise peek Sawinggrai.
travel tourism - Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Who does not know Raja Ampat, islands in West Papua region famous for its beauty and diversity of reef fish species. Because beauty is, almost certainly every tourist who visited the Raja Ampat never misses an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea. No wonder, many people called the Raja Ampat as a paradise for diving lovers. In fact, Raja Ampat warehouse not only beauty that can only be enjoyed from the depths of the sea. Beauty above sea level must taste the Raja Ampat. Not Believe? If you visited the Raja Ampat, sempatkan to come to the Village Sawinggrai, District Meos Mansar, Raja Ampat, West Papua.

In this village you get a chance agility bird watching, bird became the mascot of Papua, in the natural habitat. Finally, monitoring of paradise in the village comes through perseverance Sawinggrai Maj. Isaiah, who liked to map the habits of this bird. For more than six months, he mapped the location of regular bird dance, foraging location and type of food, and spawning season of this bird. Indeed, he was so uletnya guide bird monitoring.

According to Isaiah, there are four types of paradise in Sawinggrai, namely red paradise (Paradisaea rubra), paradise split rattan (Cicinnurus magnificus), a small paradise (Paradisaea minor), and large paradise (Paradisaea apoda). Of these four species, the red paradise is paradise mascot in this village. Bird dance is a very interesting moment to be seen. Because the attraction of this dance is a bird of paradise mating ritual. The males will gather to compete to show the beauty plumage of birds attract females in order to marry her.

Note the time! Attractions paradise in the plural Sawinggrai conducted in the morning from 06.30-7.30 at WIT and in the afternoon, at 16.30-18.00 WIT. To enjoy the attractions of paradise dancing, you must be willing to walk for about 30 minutes to climb Mount Manjai in Sawinggrai. A wooden hut thatch roof has been prepared by Maj. Isaiah monitoring location. From here you can bare eyes to see the bird of paradise dancing on a huge tree beautifully. These birds will dance more energetic if there is a female bird in the vicinity.

It's just, if you visited Sawinggrai at the wrong time, you should marginalize the desire to see the bird of paradise dance attractions. In December to mid February, a beautiful bird in this Sawinggrai brakes gaiety dancing because these months are the season for them to spawn. Besides seeing bird attractions, Kampung Sawinggrai also going to upset you mengguyuri another fun because you can play with wild fish around the pier.

How? Of course, by giving them food. Wild fish are not reluctant to come over food in your hand while you dip the hand into the water. This is the portrait that has diverse Sawinggrai unique potential to continue to be preserved. Besides they do not chase paradise also introduced a system of Sasi Laut in the waters around the village while living as a fisherman. Sasi the sea is prohibited to catch certain types of marine fauna in an area within a certain time period agreed upon by the community. Therefore, do not be surprised if you could jor-rod spoil your senses with a view different types of fish and coral.

Especially if you have a hobby of snorkeling, it's a shame to miss Sawinggrai charm. Well, you intend to Sawinggrai visited Kampung? You can use the boat from Sorong to the capital Raja Ampat, namely Waisai. There are two choices, first using fast ships with a travel time of about 2 hours, or use the ship's pioneering local government with the travel time of about 4 hours. After that trip with a longboat to Sawinggrai to within about 2.5 hours.

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