Sarawandori lake, hidden pearls. Travel tourism - Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Sarawandori lake, hidden pearls.
Travel tourism - Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Lake Sarawandori, like a beautiful pearl that is still hidden in Papua. Mixed blue-green beach. D beauty still genuine, beautiful without any makeup infrastructure. Ocean blue nan greeted with fresh water from a combination telaga.Telaga Sarawandori sea water and fresh water .- The color is very clear green water, Wow really beautiful journey ... Like the fairy tale lake ........ Pond edge forest Rimbunnya ..... cool, clear, beautiful. The children in Sarawandori ....... friendly shy though .. -

Clarity of the water ........ able to reveal everything in the lake. Star lautpun easily for free .- Sarawandori Lake, a beautiful pearl that lies 30 km from the city Serui, Waropen Japen District, Papua, Indonesia .-'s extraordinary natural wealth. You'll never see beauty like what you can expect when enjoying the lake was so clear and fascinating way .-

Sarawandori Lake blue lake with a beautiful panoramic view is situated in the village Sarawandori, about 5 km from the city Serui, the district capital ° C, Papua. Here was built a bustling tourist attraction visited by people of the city Serui on Sundays and other holidays. Besides the tourist attractions are also available homes for the rest unwind with a stay overnight. -

Sightseeing is managed by the Department of Tourism Yapen Waropen in Serui. Far from the hustle and still very natural, will make your vacation will not be forgotten .- Pond's store Sarawandori maritime tourism potential of attracting visitors, because this lake really is still "virgin" clear and blue. Government Yapen build huts to rest where the entrepreneurs to open restaurants, restaurant, cafeteria until the karaoke .-

Lake flanked by two headlands on the western part Serui City had been a hiding place warships U.S. led allied troops when World War II against Japan where the allied forces under the command of MacArthur-grounded hanguskan Hiroshima and Nagasaki City .-

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