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Sahibul is saga, Jar hot water is water that given by Walisongo to person that their utus to broadcast islam goes to Mean Java a part western around Tegal. Since that water is resident at one jar (poci), and berkhasiat wreaks blessing, society calls that water application location by the name of Jar. But since guardian application water that really circumscribed, on Thursday night Kliwon, incorrectly a sunan drives in its supernatural cane go to earth. On God's permit, be adrift hot water without brimstone which heaving full this blessing. Nah, Until currently, each Thursday night Kliwon, there are many coming person and bath place bath this hot water to get benediction.

What do you imagine at the thought name Tegal? Warteg, Martabak, or Poci's Tea Whatever its answer, every thing really identic dgn Tegal. So person Tegal deserving of pride.

Imagining seruput's relish tubruk Slawi's tea, with lump sugar, decanted from Poci clay … .hhem its relish … It remind ago term memory while before Sosro bear dip teas. tubruk's tea now rather difficult being looked for, but on momen one particular perhaps, nostalgia or you are direct coming go to Tegal.

Story about Tea Poci, recollect Jar. Jar one poci douche outgrows that indigenous nature. mengepul's water heat of earth belly, one that is kept all in pool, forming common bath.

Old, young, boy, female bathes to go together. Its beneficiary is sitting leyeh leyeh enjoys its warming douche was intermediated by cold it Slamet's mountain. Hot water gets to mix brimstone, strunging rigorous muscle kedinginan, also give skin healing effects already aging. Myth and fact about this brimstone water was admitted prevailing at mountain whichever.

Nature bath jar that typical Tegal, whoever without see gender or age, every thing is gone ahead sits back bathe, not necessarily risih gets to assimilate at same douche. For one little bit cattish cat, may pake delirium glass, origin don't lirak just look nine ways.

There is 13 common douches and 10 nature waterfalls. Stay elective, every thing issue new of same wellspring source. Jar lies 40 km at south Tegal's city. Majors takings to the south making for Slawi, continually aja to the south pass Lebaksiu, towards Purwokerto. Lebaksiu that little district city where largely its resident martabak's business man migraine at metropolises from Sabang until Marauke, including all one is at Bontang. So if buys martabak let at cheap love, tebak aja is its grocer, mas kulo saking Tegggalll, bapake Lebaksiu ne is bladder? ….. afterwards available penujuk clears a root that point out Jar aim sign, veer left over Javanese Earth, Tuwel's village and finally mentok upon at high 1,050 dpl's meters.

Jar have komersial, so you can get a lot of option of jasmine until staring four. There is ikutan spt's recreation medium bestriddens to ride on horseback and hiking. Of one a only enjoys aesthetical nature, fixing skin, or even that looking for pesugihan. Mountain atmosphere and kindred aught bustle about rest Pass Cianjur atop. Fresh Sayur2an of garden at mountainside a lot of is hawked, and ordinary was taken in by sebaga present.

Place jar would be convenient for family holiday. On holiday season, maybe over clamorous, but makes that have skin problem no need is into minds about to bathe with, its water is unclouded and continually is adrift and of course mumpung again at Tegal.

travel tourism

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