Papua; Pearl of the East
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Not less than fourteen districts in Papua has a unique and special attraction for tourists who visit. Many choices that we can visit, there is a dedicated maritime tourism fascinating marine park, cultural tourism, historical tourism, and especially the fauna and flora that we might not see elsewhere. All the amazing sights are still very natural. With rural civilization which is still primitive, made of Papua as a place of great interest to foreign tourists and local tourists Jaya Pura .-
The city once known as Hollandia, there is a museum that provides a variety of cultural information in Papua such as carving from various districts, instrument of war, weaving and traditional dances, and various rites and ancient heritage .-

The monument also Sentani General Douglas Mc Arthur's World War II. In the north monument Mc Arthur at an altitude of 325 meters are the central plains to the mountains Cyclops Dofonsoro peaks. This area is very beautiful and ancient this place is the base defense Mc Arthur

From the top of the Cyclops can be monitored Lake Sentani with the clear blue water. Lake area is 9670 hectares where the population's livelihood and the surrounding Sentani. Sentani Lake is also a place of recreation that is very beautiful and very suitable for relax .-

If we want to continue the trip from Jayapura, it felt incomplete if we did not visit the Biak. In East Biak Kecamtan village RIM tetaptnya there bird park displays a variety of rare bird species typical of New Guinea found only in Papua. Size of this bird park is around two acres .-

In this regional park also has a very beautiful sea. Located dikepulauan Padaido consisting of 30 small and big islands. Padaido marine park is a world-class marine park consists of various marine plants, coral reefs and various kinds of large and small fish .-

Laurentz National Park is located in Paniai, Puncak Jaya, Mining, and Merauke. On top of Puncak Jaya, or there Carstensz peak of eternal snow. Ice capped peak. Puncak Jaya was formerly called Carstensz summit, a mountain peak found by the Dutch in 1678. Carstensz Peak is the only peaks of eternal snow in Southeast Asia .-

In addition to the National Park Laurentz Papua also has Cendrawasih Bay National Park. This park is a representative ecosystem of coral reefs, beaches, mangrove and tropical forest land in Papua island .- Paradise Bay National Park is a national park marine waters of the largest in Indonesia, consisting of land and coastal area (0.9%), mainland islands (3.8%), coral reefs (5.5%), and ocean waters (89.8%) .-

ird of Paradise Bay National Park is rich famous fish species. Approximately 209 recorded species of fish among the inhabitants of this region butterflyfish, angelfish, damselfish, parrotfish, rabbitfish, and anemonefish .-

There are four types of turtles that often landed in the national park is the hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), green turtle (Chelonia mydas), sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivaceae), and star fruit turtle (Dermochelys coriacea). Dugong (Dugong dugon), blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus), coconut crab (Birgus latro), dolphins, and sharks are often seen in the waters of Paradise Bay National Park .-

There is a natural cave relics of antiquity, the source of hot water containing sulfur without salinity Misowaar Island, cave in the water with a depth of 100 feet in Tanjung Mangguar. A number of relics from the 18th century can still be found in several places like in Wendesi, Wasior, and Yomber. Many Christians who visited the church in the village Yende (Roon Island), just to see the holy book published in 1898.Jika you want to visit or just traveling, Between May until October is the time to visit Papua .-

Some locations / objects are interesting to visit: - I

sland Rumberpon. Observing animals (birds), deer breeding, marine tourism, diving and snorkeling, the framework of a Japanese fighter plane crashed in the sea .-

Nusrowi Island. Diving and snorkeling, marine tourism, wildlife observation .-

Mioswaar Island. Hot springs, waterfalls, diving and snorkelling, wildlife observation and cultural tourism and Yoop Island .- Windesi waters. The observations of whales and dolphins .-

Roon Island. Observations birds, diving and snorkeling, waterfalls, cultural tourism, and the old church.

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