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green lantern

Green Lantern always feel like a franchise under the secondary trio of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in DC. There's always one of the Green Lantern role in important events in the DC or affiliated group Justice League of America, but he never got the spotlight position as the main character. Ever since DC decided to kill Hal Jordan in 1994 and replace it with Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern franchise increasingly degraded.

Not only Kyle could not be as tough as The Green Lantern, he also does not have the authority to make it more feels like a superhero with a junior who joined the Teen Titans. Fortunately, it all changed after the DC realized their mistake and bring back Hal Jordan. Green Lantern: Rebirth by Geoff Johns in 2005 to return the hero as one of the DC superhero class, and its sequel Sinestro Corps War in 2007 achieved remarkable success so suddenly threw the status of a commodity Green Lantern superhero upscale DC.

With the death of Bruce Wayne aka Batman in Final Crisis Superman stories and mengendornya and Wonder Woman, it's not exaggeration when I say Green Lantern is DC's hottest commodity today. Because it is not surprising also that for the first time in many years, DC makes a story a massive crossover that does not rely on the Superman or Batman, but the entire Green Lantern Corps story through the Blackest Night.

For readers of American comics, Green Lantern's name is no longer complex, but what about people who are just starting to read? How was the early story of Hal Jordan became Green Lantern? Through flashbacks, Geoff Johns (supported by the illustrator Ivan Reis) once again tells how Hal Jordan get a green ring and a guard in the Milky Way galaxy seven Volume 29 - 35. Geoff Johns challenge in writing the story of early Hal Jordan is actually very challenging.

He had to write something simple so that people who read the first time Green Lantern could understand, but he also had to give a new twist in storytelling that they are already followers of the old comic do not feel like they read the old stories again.

Hal Jordan was always a dream to fly and the dream never failed, though he saw his father Piloted aircraft destroyed fell right in front of him. For many years, Hal became estranged from his mother and his brothers because he felt that they could not understand his desire to fly. Not only that, It also became a pilot bengal. He liked to disobey orders from supervisors ground when the aircraft tested, and for long - although he advanced - no one else wanted to use his services. In the midst of frustration thing, something big was happening out there galaxies. A Green Lantern named Abin Sur Atrocitus caught, a criminal alien.

Because of lax Abin, Atrocitus out of custody and severely wounded him. Abin's death in the middle, ring selection process of searching for a replacement immediately and find Hal Jordan. From there, Hal Jordan was taken to identify and enter into the unity of the Green Lantern corps, police galaxies that work under the control of the Guardian - the creator of the universe. Not easy for Hal Jordan to adapt in the unity of Green Lantern, and the situation is exacerbated when Abin Sur, Sinestro request - a former pupil at the same time tertangguh Green Lantern - Hal Jordan to educate. How the story of Hal Jordan's next? Once again I want to say: this lucky Geoff Johns.

If anyone can write a superhero story in a convincing start, others do not is not no it was him. Keep in mind that when Geoff Johns to write this story, he had just finished writing Sinestro Corps War and was promoted Blackest Night. It is therefore no wonder that many references to the event. Does that mean that this comic can only be enjoyed by a loyal reader just Green Lantern? Absolutely not. Like Secret Origin headline pinned him, Geoff wrote this story entirely on Hal. Even nearly two earlier editions of this story is dedicated to you know who the character thing and the people who interact with it.

Once we know who Hal, Geoff then brings us to the next stage to know what was the Green Lantern, Guardian, Sinestro, and the history of the emergence of this corps, and closed with a final climax (SPOILER) The duel between the duo that Sinestro face Atrocitus still a fugitive. In short, if the story was adapted as a Green Lantern movie scenario that will come - I will be very very happy. Geoff Sejenius-genius in writing this story, he was not the only one that makes this story so fun to read. The second half I give credit to Ivan Reis is responsible for the illustrations. Each panel in this comic was alive and full of content that can turn any Reis scenarios requested by Geoff, and it's not an easy thing.

This life on earth to the planet Oa headquarters of the Green Lantern have a variety of alien species, and yet never overwhelmed Reis draw. Power of the Green Lantern is manifested through the imagination they have many forms, and again drawing Reis everything perfectly. Geoff and Ivan duet that makes Green Lantern: Secret Origin works so fun and perfect to read.

If you are the one who still lay on Green Lantern and want to know more about it, comics have you read this. If you already know about the Green Lantern and the Blackest Night story in it, well, this comic still have you read!

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