Recently, Universal Pictures prime display photos from the movie 'Robin Hood'. The photo shows Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe who plays the hero characters are British. In the picture, Russell Crowe's hair styled like a Roman Caesar Robin Hood costume complete with arrows. The producer Brian Grazer revealed that Robin Hood this one be different.

"This time he was not dressed like Robin Hood tight before. He will wear steel armor similar to the 'Gladiator', "Brian said as quoted by Aceshowbiz, Monday (20/4/2009). The film was filmed Ridley Scott, Robin Hood trying to create equality of human rights in the world is so unfair .

He is a fighter for the oppressed. Besides Russell Crowe, 'Robin Hood' also starring Cate Blanchett, Sir Godfrey, Vanessa Redgrave and Kevin Durand. Universal plans to release the film on May 14, 2010.

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