Ethnic War in Papua. world tourism papua indonesia

Ethnic War in Papua.
world tourism papua indonesia

Morning wore so. In a broad plain between the green mountains, dozens of people had gathered. Each person holding a sharp weapon or arrow, complete with all the attributes of war. Painted a clear impression of fierce dl their faces. A tribal war broke out in the Valley would Baliem, Papua. Sure enough, after adjust their strategy, war is inevitable. Both groups were chasing each other and shooting arrows. Waving a gun in his hand, they kept yelling to burn the spirit. While women and children running to save himself .-

You must agree, it was certainly something very sad. But oddly, while watching the events above, the feeling just the opposite. Lho kok bisa gitu? Because, apparently vicious war that is not a real war, but rather a dance or war simulations that are part of attraction exhibited by the Dani people in the Valley Cultural Festival Baliem in Wamena, Papua .-

Stretching between indentations Middle Mountain Mining, Baliem Valley has long been a venue for the largest annual cultural festival in the land of Papua. In this valley, Dani people live in harmony and unity in the embrace of the mountains that surrounded and beautiful natural Papua charming. Apart from being 'home', often Baliem Valley becomes the arena of war by the tribes into the arena of conflict and slaughter those who fought for the glory of the proud tribe .-

The existence of a new Baliem Valley itself to the surface in the 1930s with a report stating that there is a group of primitive tribes who lived in the valley. About 10 years later, the valley is isolated from foreign influence is increasingly recognized by the outside world, after the National Geographic magazine put this valley on the world map in the magazine publications .-

This is also indicated for the first time in the valley along the 80 km and 20 km wide this entry the world map. Since it was also a lot of people are curious to visit Baliem Valley to explore different things related to this valley. They generally as a social worker by profession, like teachers, nurses, doctors, and missionaries who spread Christianity .-

Not War-a-holic, always been, the war became something inherent in the Dani people's lives and other tribes in Papua. For them, war has some deep meaning. Besides in tradition from generation to generation, war is considered not merely occasions for each tribal power struggle, but also a symbol of fertility and prosperity. That is, if there was no war then do not expect the harvest and pigs will be successful and healthy. If you have this, they must prepare themselves for a bad season .-

On the other hand, war also become a means to find popularity of a tribe. With the win the war, the tribe's name will be more famous and feared by other tribes. As for the youth, ethnic war is considered as a forum for identity to be a true man, tough and dignified for the progress of its territory, both present and future. The outbreak of war in the region itself is caused by several things that most due to border disputes, women, or because wim (domestic animals) .-

When the war will happen then Baliem Valley arena is often used. This does not mean that tribal war-a-holic, or always looking for trouble. Because really, they want to live in peace and peaceful like other communities in order to establish its territory .-

Variety Attractions Interesting-since held the first time in 1991, a war dance attractions or dim in the Dani language, became the main attraction at every execution of the Valley Cultural Festival Baliem. Uniquely, which carried the theme of this dance is not about revenge or hostility, but something positive is popularly known as Yogotak Hubuluk Motog Hanorogo (hope for tomorrow that should be better than today) .-

Baliem Valley Festival takes about 3 days and held every month in August. This dance is usually followed by about 26 tribes who inhabited the surrounding Baliem Valley. Each participant consisted of 30 to 50 groups and each group numbered 50 to 100 people. The participants were each armed with spears, arrows and machetes, complete with traditional dress and face painting and knick knacks war dance war .-

In addition, the Valley Cultural Festival 6 Baliem offers another important event that is almost always performed. One of them is the performance of traditional music Pikon or held to entertain the visitors. Hite or made of wood, the songs are played with Pikon tells the story of human life. Uniquely, though it look easy, it was not all the people of Papua able to play this instrument. This instrument is able to bring the voices that sound almost the same with animals .-

A variety of traditional games helped enliven Baliem Valley Festival. This event not only can be seen, but if visitors or tourists interested, can participate in the game. Archery, throwing the stick into the glass aka predetermined targets, puradan, wheels rolling game of woven rattan and sikoko, a pawn to throw the race specified targets, is a game that is often displayed in this festival .-

Not infrequently, increasing Baliem Valley Festival to bloom thanks to the support of no less exciting and more unique. Call it kerapan pigs or pig racing contest, contest of weaving and a variety of other events .- -

Real Challenge-

To see the uniqueness offered Baliem Valley Cultural Festival and Papua's natural beauty is a challenge and requires special preparation. Long journey to go from Jakarta -

Wamena, a clear cost, time and risk is high. Not to mention, the condition for there to be said, far from any facilities that could spoil the body. Surely it will add to the long list of challenge that must be faced. However, all doubts and difficulties that will be paid off after watching the entire series a unique festival in Baliem Valley. Because only here you can watch live the life of a true Dani. Here you can also merge and mingle with people who still adhere to traditions that may be far different from what we have. All that were found in the Valley Baliem will surely make your trip will always be remembered of all time .-

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