New Technological Lock-In in focebook

New Technological Lock-In in focebook

foto berita artikel Technologist also student UCLA, Alyssa Ravasio (21) confess remain to maintain ‘its faithfulness’ to use Facebook, compared to MySpace and Twitter. He/she tells that Facebook haves a concept called "teknologi lock-in". “I feel Facebook is Internet commodity most valuable, more than Google, because they position themselves to become identity online user via Facebook Connect. Altogether genuiness name, genuiness friend, and them can arrange privacy user and can step into universal login all users.” express Ravasio.

Teknologi lock-in is idea that adopted by more than a community and getting smaller user possibility to change over. That also that constitute why 'keyboad' QWERTY that compiled in 1870, still become standar than configuraton development that more logical. Meanwhile Facebook that claim have more than 350 million members around the world, has confessed accept teknologi lock-in, according to observer marketing web,
Nevertheless, Ravasio also tells that Facebook haves possibility will lose membernya otherwise bother request user, entered distorting default setting privacy ago, that has made user picture Facebook come ups to publik without authorization pertinent user.

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