Imitate Google, Goojje to warning

Imitate Google, Goojje to warning

Google warns a searcher machine China in order to stop use logo that look like notable logo of searcher machine is referred [as]. If not, situs China called 'Goojje' referred [as] will face law action from Google.

Daily Shenzhen Economic Daily, Monday 8 Februaries 2010, will release this warning at the same time with Google considers its [the] future in China after set mind on not play the game government censor China. Google China are also punched cyber attack.

Google alleges Goojje has impinged rights of Google trade. According to Google, logo Goojje can make internet user suspect if Goojje is ratified or related to company THE UNITED STATES is referred [as]. In letter that delivered at Goojje by Google lawyer, internet company this THE UNITED STATES claims Goojje to abstract that similar logo slowest front Monday.

Goojje are launched last month by one beranggotakan strong team 20 one whos are led a student bermarga Wen, after Google states step back from China. Operator Goojje mem-posting ambiguous statement in situs they. From vague explanation referred [as], a number of medias interpret that Goojje give support at Google.

Homepage Goojje imitates Google design and name China Goojje end in letter that mean "elder sister". Whereas name China for Google end in letter that is homonym from "men sister".

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