YouTube will Support IPv6

YouTube will Support IPv6

foto berita artikel Google has made YouTube online video service for support with protocol of generation Internet hereinafter, IPv6, after bertambahnya request from user. In blog-its, engineer network YouTube, Lorenzo Colliti explains that request user all the much is YouTube must support with IPv6. Since the of, Colliti expresses will add support IPv6.

YouTube will men-support IPv6 and can turn around video streaming was from a number of situses around the world pass by partner IPv6 that Google premier. This new protocol Apparition according to Google see also by more and more berkurangnya address number IPv4 globally. After one month last also, Number Resource Organisation that present five Regionals Internet Registries, remind that only less than 10 address percents unallocated IPv4.
IPv6 haves space larger ones address, 128 beets, and facilitate everyone to have 2x64 big IP address or more for all device they, according to Colliti.

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