Facebook 'Gmail Killer'

Facebook 'Gmail Killer'

Forget about promise Facebook to design repeat its face with new display its, that that it [is] really nick [of] some more months. Because, Facebook will conduct big breakthrough since he/she is borned as situs jejaring social, six year(s) ago.

Why? Because according to situs technology TechCrunch, sneaking Facebook in the middle of preparing new feature that will become their pledge: free email for its user.

Base information that given by source that not want to mentioned whose name is, Michael Arrington from TechCrunch, tell that middle Facebook does Project Titan, namely project that it is possible, will become 'Gmail Killer'.

Currently Facebook has provided feature message for user. Nevertheless, fixed [only], for user, that will not replace service web email, because Facebook Messages are only used user moment login in Facebook.

It is not strange if a few moments last situs jejaring social MySpace also provides service web email, that unhappily not support POP/ IMAP. So this, Facebook people say will provide service web email that will support POP/ That IMAP.

POP/ IMAP is conducive technology its user accessed akun its email without pass by Facebook. Akun email Facebook it is possible contain identity akun Facebook (url Facebook@Facebook.com).

With its user amount that more than 350 million and 60 million users are linked Facebook pass by Facebook Connect, of course, Google, Yahoo, will tremble with service plan web this Facebook new email, if later really realized

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