child 9 year reach for four times Microsoft Certified

child 9 year reach for four times Microsoft Certified
foto berita artikelWho did recognize with Marko Calasan?

Initially maybe is not whoms before Calasan that still 9 year have got Microsoft Certified 4 times, namely MCP, MCDST, MCSA and MCSE, and now are doing project for fifth certificate its, namely with Bing to reach for Microsoft Certified Trainer. He/she live ins former part of Yogoslavia Republic, Macedonia. Matter that surprising is he/she still, nevertheless he/she has been clever use computer.

According to Network World, when asked when first time he/she uses computer, he/she answered when age 3 year, and he/she only opens a few/little actions like personalisasi Windows, meng-instal Windows, make connection remote desktop with workstation and server in location that berjauhan, etc. When will will hit plan 10 year forwards, Calasan answers he/she hopes can write instruction book Windows 7 for all level, and he/she is also selecting Bing as [the] focus projectnya this time.

When asked maximum problem that he/she select, between Windows or Mac OSX, he/she answers, “For everyone have choice that different each other, until for myself, use Windows because satisfied he/she with security, stability, productivity and advantage other from system Microsoft Windows operation.”

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