Twitter suggests change password for user that attacked phishing

Twitter suggests change password for user that attacked phishing

The hoisterous of social website like Facebook and Twitter [it is true] bring big impact for us. Adult even child kecilpun seems do not willing to under developed for popular in situs is referred [as]. Various of handsets new celullar phone even also finally market to be able to categorized as [the] HP Online.

Its reality popularity that by social website which make society ‘fever’ online this invite criminal intention from some certain parties. Of course this make situs jejaring social as [the] soft target badness [of] in the world of illusory.

Twitter has locked access from much users its to be able to login to system as usual. In other hand also Twitter delivers email notifikasi in order to users is referred [as] immediately maybe changes password they because anticipated akun they have been hit phising previously.

Nevertheless quite a few finally from this users doubt of email [the] truth is referred [as]. That happened hereinafter is Twitter inundated by tweet user that question email [the] truth is referred [as].

Following is email content notifikasi that delivered Twitter :

Due to concern that your account may have been compromised in a phishing attack that took place off-Twitter, your password was reset. Please create a baru password by opening this link in your browser:


In message referred [as] Twitter mentions that the owner akun that accept email is referred [as] big possibility has been hit phising, then Twitter take action to conduct reset password. In order to user can access return akunnya, then user must makes new password and follow link that menavigasikannya to page reset password. Really fair if finally notifikasi this email is by it self anticipated counterfeit. But actually its contents [it is true] truely correct.

Following addition message at notifikasi email Twitter :

Ace a reminder, you should be extraordinarily ketiga suspicious of any party that offers to artificially inflate your follower count. We do note endorse any of these sites.

Hereinafter, Twitter returns remind user easy to trusts website-website third party that offer user in order to inundated by many followers. Because actually Twitter by it self guilty of no cooperation with parties referred [as]. So, if Anda is wishing login to akun Twitter Anda, ascertain beforehand that address URL is referred [as] really Twitter. Or at least for Anda that accept similar email or worry akun Anda hits phising, then don't worry for sesegera maybe change password Anda are referred [as].

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