Twitter adoption Facebook Connect for newest feature its

Twitter adoption Facebook Connect for newest feature its

Twitter and Facebook [it is true] heavy-weight [of] competitor in the world of jejaring social. Both of them now [it is true] frequently draw enthusiasm of internet user in Indonesia. From young till the old man seems do not willing to fail in the case of try this service. You one of them?

People say now middle Twitter prepared for merilis a conducive new tools website party when to be able to easily integrated with website Twitter and service is referred [as]. In short, likely this new feature will answer popularity Facebook Connect that already in advance.

Facebook Connect by it self had been peeped out Facebook since on May 2008. When in common, the party of Google and MySpace also has announced that is tilling project of a kind about the same time.

Facebook Connect by it self finally has put into use in 2008 that also. At least now there [are] 80.000 websites that have been integrated with Facebook Connect and 60 million users Facebook have used this feature. For many website third party is referred [as], this feature very very helps for user that want to register or login in website they.

Facebook Connect [it is true] very attractive for many small situs although this feature [it is true] foolproof diimplementasikan. By use it, they can create some widgets that bring feature direct Facebook can be enjoyed by website third party by foolproof integration.

Last year, Twitter has launched knob which enable user in website third party for login in website Twitter and mengidentifikasi their it-self, like at system to give comment.

This Twitter new Product will be able to mengotentikasi user, take data and then present it in Twitter. Now there [are] special FIRE for this feature which is being likely made rather look like Facebook Connect.

Seems between Facebook and Twitter although become competitor but will continue each other equip and each other to become that first one in its class.

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