Facebook feature lyric Retweet like Twitter

Facebook feature lyric Retweet like Twitter

you user Facebook and also Twitter? If yes surely your has saw features difference that offered by second website jejaring social that now multitude digandrungi by internet user in all world angle.

If in Twitter by it self there is feature Retweet which more and more people use that feature for memposting repeat tweet from have others. Since some last month this feature becomes permanent feature.

System retweet is integrated with FIRE and websitenya. Unhappily, have not yet a lot can be conducted from goodly feature popular that now. In the reality exactly oppositely/also draw enthusiasm Facebook for ‘borrow’ feature is referred [as] and its function adoption.

Facebook has started test feature in common similar its with retweet, conducive user to share story from their friends, but also their credit was for stories pass by link below/under postingnya. This Feature still in testing phase, but seems ere long will be integrated to Facebook.

When user of knob click ‘Share’, then user will be able to sees line sharing dibagian dialogue. They can select to throw away it, but if they not conduct it, a line will emerge below/under note that show writer in origin. This Feature has been limited for at this time and only work for memposting link, someone can not conduct it to conduct update status or posting photo.

Facebook not mentions officially hit this feature detail. It is possible this is the the first step from feature ‘retweet’ this start its action in Facebook.

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