Have you ever heard or visited Pura Gunung Kawi site during your vacation in Bali, or you absolutely no clue blank. in that case because history matters discussed very busy these days I will briefly tell the history of these objects, hopefully useful insights and references added attractions during your vacation in Bali, Beyond the Gate and 315 steps on the riverbank is a Pakerisan river that has historical value are very high, lies Gunung Kawi temple complex. Sightseeing is included in Sukawati area, Gianyar regency about 40 km from Denpasar.

Gunung Kawi about the name is not known for certain origins. But the etymology (the term) is said to come from the Mountain and Mount Kawi, which means the mountain areas and Kawi is a sculpture, so the intention is that there are carvings in the mountains or on the rocks. According to that the history of the kings who ruled Bali Bali, the most famous is the Warmadewa dynasty, King Udayana was derived from this dynasty and he was the son of Queen Campa which was adopted by Warmadewa

As an adult he married the daughter of the master spoon from east Java (kediri) called Gunapriya Dharma Patni, from this marriage grants him down (not the store name lho ... ..) and Child Wungsu. Finally after Erlangga died in 1041, his empire was divided in east Java 2 (two).

Buddhist monk named keBali Mpu Baradah sent to the island of Bali is given to one son grants, but was rejected by the Mpu Kuturan. Next Bali was ruled by King Child Wungsu between 1049-1077 and under pemerintahanya Bali is a fertile area and peaceful. After his death his ashes stored in a temple of Gunung Kawi Temple dikomplek. Writing contained in this site entrance reads "Hajj Lumah Ing Jalu" which means the King is buried in the "Jalu" equal to "heel" of (a rooster) that looks similar to Kris, the words "Ing Jalu" can be interpreted as a guide "This time Kris" or Pakerisan.

King is buried in Jalu referred to is the King Udayana, Wungsu Son, and the consort of King 4 and Prime Minister King. Adjacent to the southeast of the temple complex is located temple (place of residence or boarding the Monk / Buddhist priest). Relic temple and temple at Gunung Kawi is estimated at 11 century BC and also living beings Bergama tolerance at that time which should be an example and model for us at this time, learn from the wisdom of the past ... .... Visiting the site is Gunung Kawi Temple, you insight and captivating natural beauty. Welcome to tourism in Bali,

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