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Island tourism travel Mansinam
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When in Manokwari, try asking: what is interesting place to visit. Predictably, the answer, Mansinam Island! This small island in the Gulf Doreh. When standing at the port in the region of Manokwari, or White Sand beach resort in Manokwari, the island was clearly visible Mansinam, next door to Lemon Island .-

Not too difficult to reach the island is located about six kilometers from Manokwari this land. It took about 10-15 minutes by speed boat. Passengers to the Island and Island Lemon Mansinam usually wait at the Beach Kwawi (Manokwari mainland). Exactly in front of the office .-

Kwawi Klasis crossing to Mansinam though somewhat brief, but the clarity and the blue sea water in the Gulf was enough to give Doreh own freshness and ignore the sun. When standing in Kwawi, barely visible inscription on the coast that marks the entrance Mansinam gospel in Papua .-

The approach Mansinam Island, the inscription of the cross with a height a few feet was becoming apparent. Anyone can enter the location of the inscription with the key holder to contact the fence, Adolf Sarumi. In addition to warnings, the inscription was also created for tourism purposes and are in Mansinam shoreline, overlooking the town of Manokwari .-

"Soli deo Gloria"

At the bottom of the foot of the inscription, only the words "Soli deo Gloria. Zendelingen van de Eerste Nederlandsch Nieuw Guinee JG CW Ottow Geissler Zyn En Geland Hier op 5-2-1855 ". On the side of this writing, there are translations in local languages. This means, roughly, the first for Papua Zending-Ottow Geissler arrived here February 5, 1855 .-

About 50 meters from the stele there is a church with a pretty interesting architecture. Apparently, the church was still maintaining the original architecture of the church which was built Geissler in 1864. This is the first church in Papua. The original foundation of the church is located on the side of the church that stands today .-

In addition to the church, there is also an old well-built Ottow Geissler when settled in Island Mansinam. The well was still in use of local people to meet the needs of fresh water. Well water was very clean, fresh and not salty, though not far from the beach. In addition to the church foundations and wells, there is also the baking of bread -

like an oven but made of cement Mansinam Island .- At first sight, no different from thousands of small islands in the ground water. Usually, a small island is not well cared for and minimal facilities. This also applies in Mansinam Island. But it certainly does not erase the historical record of Papua on the island this Mansinam .-

Maybe, for the tourist will find it hard to know who-Ottow Geissler, besides writing the inscription in Dutch, if both the first zending. But, if curious, can visit Kwawi Klasis Office for information about-Ottow Geissler .-

The entry of the gospel-When talking about the history of Papua, the Mansinam Island will be an important point, because it became the genesis of the work zending (mission) in Papua . On this island, exactly February 5, 1885, two zendeling-werklieden (messenger artisans) from Germany, CW Ottow and Johann Gottlob Geissler set foot for the first time in Papua .-

According to the book "One Hundred Years Zending in West Irian" (by Rev. . FJS. Rumainum in 1966), Ottow Geissler reach-Mansinam Island after a long journey from Europe by ship Abel Tasman on June 25, 1852 via Cape of Good Hope and arrived in Batavia on October 7, 1852, then sail to Makassar, Ternate before finally arriving at Mansinam in 1885 .--

Ottow Geissler presence in Mansinam a milestone entry of the gospel for the first time in Papua. Both these Zending be pioneers for the next Zending jobs throughout Papua. Ottow became the first Zending also died and was buried in Papua, precisely in Kwawi, Manokwari. While Geissler died and was buried in Europe .-

In addition to the gospel, in fact a number of historic events in Papua, starting from a small island in the Gulf this Doreh. Because, in this island of Hope Church (Crack der Hopen) as the first church built in Papua Geissler in 1864. On this island, too, for the first time people embrace Christianity Papua .-

In fact, the history of education in Papua, also did not escape the island which now has only one primary school (SD) of this. Match notes zending, Mrs. Ottow opened girls' school in Kwawi (Manokwari) in 1857, using a room in his residence as a class .-

"Apostle of West Irian" - In addition, Geissler also opened a school in which Mansinam Melayu language lessons. In this Mansinam, also recorded the first normal school established in Papua Pdt.FJF van Hasselt in 1917 .-

The historical events etched into the island makes this island Mansinam has significance for Papua, which is made-Ottow Geissler .-

Now the names of two people "Apostle of West Irian" was immortalized as the name of a church in the city of Manokwari. Perhaps, Manokwari Mansinam and destined for the historic city in Papua. When traced back, the first government office in Papua also stems from Manokwari, who is now governor of West Irian Jaya Office .-

Not only that, the Free Papua Organization (OPM) also has a history in Manokwari. Similarly, events referendum (Pepera) 1969 held in Manokwari. Now, House Pepera into Parliament Building West Irian Jaya. While the inscription Pepera complex located in West Irian Jaya governor's office, not maintained and fading .-

Mansinam Island, filled with the history of Papua. However, a little sad, if you look at the arrangement Mansinam Island today, which is no more as a pile of dirt in front of Manokwari, which is no better than age-Ottow Geissler. Imagine, the first school teachers in Papua Mansinam stood, now there is only one elementary school. Junior and senior high school students must cross Mansinam to Manokwari to go to school. For that, do not imagine the highway, because there is only path .-

Mansinam Island is often said as a point of a new civilization in Papua, but it does not appear in the current Mansinam face. Yes, Mansinam now barely different from other small islands, although a different history. What is clear, Mansinam Island neglected or not, prayer-Ottow Geissler, "In the name of our Lord was on the ground" which came out on February 5, 1855 still came out on the small island is quite lovely.

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