Movie Bran Nue Dae

This film tells of a young Willie's life was full of older ideal Broome pearling port in Western Australia North-willie daily activities fishing, hanging out with friends, and when he could, his girlfriend Rosie. However, her mother Theresa has big hopes for him and he returned to the religious mission school in Perth for more information.
After being punished by DAD Benedictus an act of rebellion for the young, Willie escape from the mission. But where ... he was too ashamed to go home, it would break her heart. Down on his luck, he met an old friend, who he called 'Uncle' tadpoles, and together they con a couple of hippies, ANNIE and slippery, to take them on the 2500 km journey through spectacular scenery back to Broome.
Willie study hard and funny lessons he needs to go home, while being chased by Father Benedict. Arriving back in Broome, Willie won the girl, assuring her that Broome is a place, and found that the father he never knew he was a friend during the day laborers - 'Uncle' tadpole.

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