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National Museum of Singapore is Singapore's oldest museum with the spirit of innovation was the youngest and most innovative. Designed to be a public museum, the National Museum of Singapore prides itself in introducing sophisticated museums and a variety of ways of presenting history to redefine conventional museum experience. More than just a room for exhibitions and artefacts, the Museum will also distinguish itself through a challenging and vibrant festivals and events which will cut off the creative possibilities in culture and heritage.

This program is supported by various facilities and services, including the F & B, retail, Resource Center, Gallery Theater and the Public Sculpture Garden among others. With its history first established in 1887, the National Museum building was officially opened to the public on December 7, 2006 following the reconstruction of 3 years.

The museum is divided into 2 main sections: Singapore History Gallery and Singapore Living Galleries. Singapore Living Galleries itself is divided into 4 themes: Fashion, Food, Film & Wayang and Photography. In the gallery, visitors can see the various costumes worn by women of various ages.

Visitors also can see and understand the process of how the clothes are made in the back room. Gallery Film & Wayang, visitors can see and watch old movies from the three big screens, movie equipment and listen to movie theme songs.

In the back room, visitors will be impressed with the Chinese opera costumes and accessories worn by opera actor. Food Gallery, visitors can see and feel the spirit of Singapore's street life of the display objects associated with food and sound installations, such as satay, nasi ayam , etc.

In the back room, visitors can see and even smell the aroma of spices entice shown. Gallery Photography, visitors can see some family portraits, a collection of albums and old photographs. This gallery illustrates the local life of Singapore through photographs and precious images of life through pictures artifacts.local photographs and precious artifacts. Singapore History Gallery, visitors can experience a major event in the history of Singapore as well as personal stories of people who witnessed history. This gallery tells adopt an approach guided by a sophisticated audio-visual.

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