Facebook launches facebook zero, replace Facebook Mobile

Facebook launches facebook zero, replace Facebook Mobile

will access Facebook nevertheless can not access it from celullar phone because low bandwith?
Don't worry. Now Facebook has launched Facebook text only size-zero mobile version, namely m.facebook.com that called Zero. Zero are addressed for Internet user with connection low bandwith. Facebook Zero will equip version situs Facebook Mobile in celullar phone. Situs Facebook Zero will attend in a few the coming week.

Facebook Zero is website Facebook mobile version that only contain text, and addressed for user that experience of connection low bandwith. Light mobile Version other also ever dirilis namely Facebook Lite, but however Facebook Zero will become lighter mobile version and not contain photo at all. Version Facebook Zero is made in order to user is fixed linked and in order to quicker update with only use connection tardy bandwith. This condition will make user ‘fixed‘ sticky with social website is referred [as]. User the right not to see text and there is no photo or picture that will show in Facebook Zero in celullar phone.

For at this time zero.facebook.com has not yet attended officially, and when accessed will instruct user to m.facebook.com with notifikasi, operator seluler user have not yet men-support-nya. If operator seluler has agreed Facebook Zero, then interface Facebook Zero will attend around the world in 1 or 2 month the coming

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