From all contens alloted (share), Facebook and Twitter domination with 73%.

From all contens alloted (share), Facebook and Twitter domination with 73%.

If you surprise why Google makes every effort in order to new product its namely fast Buzz popular, its answer is because they want to reach for trafik from user jejaring social.

Of so much many website on the Internet, trafik social website from Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace starts compete with, even sometime skip over trafik seeking from searcher machine as main trafik on the Internet. As for trafik property social website is referred [as] come from shared link, photo, video, and other konten .

Gigya, company sharing content that in collaboration with more than 5 thousand website kontens entered jejaring social mentions, in a month last, internet user has alloted almost 1 million conten.

Konten are referred [as] generally alloted to user Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and AOL.

From all kontens alloted (share) referred [as], Facebook and Twitter domination with about/around three-quarters konten alloted. In detail, Facebook controls 44 percents, Twitter 29 percents, Yahoo 18 percents, and MySpace 9 percents.

Number is referred [as] quite sensible, at this time people prefer to click ‘Share’ at website that have conten are referred [as] compared to deliver links passes email.

Even Yahoo has been resided in third rank, but in business otentifikasi, enough by using username and password for login to other website, Facebook still more popular with service Facebook Connect they.

Google passes Gmail and Yahoo [it is true] still enogh popular, at least at some certain situs kontens like situs news. However in other situs, user that wish share konten still more opting conduct it with Facebook.

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