Google Buzz, rival twitter and facebook from Google

Google Buzz, rival twitter and facebook from Google

Popularity Facebook and Twitter in the reality makes Google heartburning. [it is true] not easy case to be able to captivate roof liver netter in the world of to be able to merged into a web new social website. Conscious of that, Google even also take action braver other and more creative.

Combine old and new product. That's finally pilihn Google which now middle of introduceGoogle Buzz to illusory domain. What that Google Buzz?

Still in the context of world social website in general, Google Buzz offers amenity where we can share article, photo, tautan even video. Only the difference this can all yours conducts with only use Gmail [only]. Without must busy arrange this that. The party of Google by it self hopes with existence of place forward side familiar Gmail and its popularity will make Google easier Buzz are accepted and digested users its in a short time. Gmail that now already think much of by 180 million users around the world, without next doubt supply Google Buzz with 5 pledge features for in the world of social website.

First Feature that is Auto-following. This Feature automatically develops network by it self without you must busy for mem-follow someone is to linked. Google Buzz automatically will connect yours with the usual people inviteyou chatting or send email uses akun yours Gmail . Of course this means, only people closest you that can access yours conten , become unnecessary your in fear of emerges ill defined spam-spam its source.

Second Feature that is integration Gmail it self. Gmail now [it is true] experience of a lot of growth from time to time. More than anything else with addition of Google feature Buzz, people say at this time just Google Buzz has been integrated with Picasa, Google Reader, Flickr and also Twitter. In [the] future [of] of Google party even also want to integrates Google Buzz with other next.

Third Feature is concept of solidarity from ability owned by by Facebook and Twitter, where we can conduct publik and sharing private. From Twitter, Google adapts this kontennya to in-index later until will be seen topic was what popular at this time. Whereas from Facebook, Google adapts konten that sent can be addressed to certain people just that want to Anda invite share.


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