Google in one sponge of user worriedness Buzz

Google in one sponge of user worriedness Buzz

A couple of days after service Buzz is launched, Merespons direct Google user worriedness. Some features just relate privacy finally pinned to in Google Buzz.

After its launching, Google Buzz are assumed not mempedulikasn privacy [of] users. Besutan new Service this Google are assumed can publicize important information user property to others.

In consequence,, forwarded pass by opening blog Gmail, Friday (12/2/2010), Google gives addition [of] some features to protect user privacy.

Among others is opdon publicizes roof follower, and also one who difollow in user profile. In other hand, Google also enables user Buzz to black out member other Buzz that not expected.

Not only two mentioned features, in service Buzz, user is also enabled to dissociate follower that not have complete data hits themselves profile.

"We design Buzz to facilitate internet user interacts one with other, even enable their to discuss about matter at all. This Service [it is true] very new and we have long list of to enhance sophisticated feature other in Buzz. We await suggestion and criticism to become elementary for us continue interesting experience in using Buzz," say the party of Google in postingan in opening blog Gmail are referred [as].

A couple of days since launched, around 10 million people [of] in the world of in large numbers check Google Buzz and create 9 million postingans and komen. Even in range of time referred [as], detected there is 200 million posts were every minute that sent tens of million internet [of] user in the world of pass by celullar phone.

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