Google makes people become bright

Google makes people become bright

NEW YORK pin-cushion of some observers mention if machine of Google searcher makes big sebagaian people become stupid, because kemudahaannya makes lazy people information searching. Nevertheless, that argued in a survey that conducted Pew & American Projects.

According to study result referred [as] mention if machine of Google searcher not makes stupid. This conclusion Result is by it self constituted at interview that they conduct to 895 people, and 76 percentage of correspondent mentions [it is true] Google not makes stupid.

"Exactly Google can make us to be more creative in mengatasai problem and more linked in idea. We finish slimmer time to try remember and more time to produce solution," Paul Jones from from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, such as those which forwarded Internet News, Saturday (20/2/2010).

"Google will make us get more information. Searcher Machine is referred [as] provide access universal to information will enable people to realize potency [of] full [of] they, give benefit for whole world," add Hal Varian, ecomonist head in Google.

He also enhances, Google can make to comprehend data is not like building artefak in common repeatedly at assembling band, but need creativity, mixture from wide and circumstantial knowledge, and a number of connection to otherses. That's that conducted Google is tries to facilitate.

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