Teeth [18+]

Teeth [18+]

Teenage horror-movie spoof, John Waters parody, No Nukes protest movie,
twisted sex-education film, quasi-feminist fable, outrageous stunt:
and more.
Mitchell Lichtenstein’s clever, crude comedy, “Teeth,” is all these

Directed, written by Mitchell Lichtenstein. Camera
(Technicolor), Wolfgang Held; editor, Joe Landauer; music, Robert
Miller; music supervisor, Beth Amy Rosenblatt; production designer,
Paul Avery; art director, Tom Cole; set decorator, Sally Hamilton;
ervising sound editors, David Briggs, Lewis Goldstein; prosthet
costume designer, Rita Ryack; sound (Dolby Digital), Ben Lowry;
effects supervisor, Doug Field; visual effects, TexFX; line producer,

Rick Chaplin; associate .

Teeth [18+] part 1
Teeth [18+] part 2
Teeth [18+] part 3
Teeth [18+] part 4
Teeth [18+] part 5
Teeth [18+] part 6

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