Browse Eksotika Sauwandarek. travel tourism - papua Indonesia

Browse Eksotika Sauwandarek.
travel tourism - papua Indonesia

Exotic, maybe that's the right word describes Sauwandarek Tourism Village charm. Located in the District Meos Mansar, Raja Ampat, West Papua, this village not only offers the enchantment under the sea. However, the more kemolekannya complete with natural beauty on the sea coast .-

Arrive at Sauwandarek, unfortunately it's snorkeling activity for the miss. If not satisfied bersnorkeling, Sauwandrek located in the Dampier Strait area has several dive locations (dive site). Various types of fish such as sea horses mini (pigmy seahorse), mantis shrimp, blue ring octopus, mandarin fish, snapper (schooling snapper), and yellow tail can we meet. Sometimes divers can also enjoy being close to the mob tuna and barracuda .-

Pleased with the beauty of the sea, you can go on tour in the village. Sauwandarek community knew maintain the uniqueness of their homes. Here, homes are deliberately left with the shape and natural materials .-

In this tourist village, you will find women, especially mothers make handicrafts woven pandanus leaves. Goods are usually made noken and hats. These crafts can you buy for souvenirs. Price noken and hats in Sauwadarek relatively cheap, you can bring home a variety of crafts woven with prices ranging from 25.000-50.000 per fruit depending on the type and size .-

feature of the village is the attraction Sauwandarek feeding fish on the beach. Dozens of wild fish will be gathered instantaneously when we spread the food on the beach. Simply redeem 50,000 worth of fish food, it's love if this rare opportunity pass you .-

For lovers of treking, you can continue the journey toward a lake. By the local community this lake called Telaga Yenauwyau. The unique pool of salt water here. According to the chief Sauwandarek, Korinus Urbata, first in this lake there is a cave that connects the lake with the sea. Before the cave was closed, not rare dolphins from the sea into the lake. But unfortunately, the scene is now gone .-

For Sauwandarek community, this lake is believed to be a shrine inhabited by a white turtle. Not just anyone can see the turtle shape. However, if this happened to encounter sea turtles, people believe the person will have good luck this lake .-

promising natural landscapes. On the edge of the lake there is a kind of dock that served to enjoy the panorama of the lake and place unwind after walking about 25 minutes to reach the location of the pond. In addition, you can also see birds Maleo Waigeo (Spilocuscus papuensis), endemic bird areas Sauwadarek .-

Sauwandarek To achieve, you can use a regular boat from Sorong to the capital city of Raja Ampat, Waisai. This trip will be taken within 2-4 hours. Rate this quite regular shipping cheap, ranging from 100,000 to Rp.125.000 per person, each way. From Waisai journey and then continue to use long Sauwandarek by boat for 4 hours. Long boat rental fee ranges from 300,000, one-way .-

But if you want fast, you can also rent a speed boat from Sorong. With rental costs around Rp 5 million per day, Sorong-Sauwandarek trip will only be taken within 3 hours travel time .- All the way to Sauwandarek, often you will be spoiled by the beauty of coral, fish and other marine biota. Unspoiled marine ecosystems in the region makes Raja Ampat can be enjoyed with the naked eye

travel tourism .-

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