Enjoying the sensation in the Dark Cave kokas. Travel tourism - papua Indonesia

Enjoying the sensation in the Dark Cave kokas.
Travel tourism - papua Indonesia

Visiting the City Coke, Fakfak district, West Papua, was not complete if you miss a chance explore remnants of the World War II, contained in this town. No kidding, in the period 1942/1945, Coke had to hold the title as the base city of the Japanese defense against allied .- As a military defense base city, Coke would save the relics. Witness one of the most historic relic is of cave or building a Japanese castle located in downtown Coke. At first glance, nothing special from the building by the sea caves of this. From the outside, just look bunker three scouts measuring no more than 4 square meters .-

However, anyone expecting, in the back of these bunkers are hiding caves along the 138-meter hill to dredge the stomach. As a location that is designed to be the center of military defense, was built right cave mengahadap the sea. From this cave every allied ship that docked in the waters of Coke will be easily observed .-

Although the Japanese army functioned as a major tourist sites, unique we can still see the shape is a natural cave in the original. Nothing has changed, except the third gate on the cave's mouth. Attracted over every corner of this cave? A little light in the form of equipment or flashlights you need to prepare before starting the walkthrough. In depth, this cave is really dark. Sunlight can only guide to the cave mouth .-

However, herein lies precisely along the cave was a sensation. Curiosity will not be answered immediately when you enter the cave. In light minusnya, you still have to feel and look for 'surprises' in every corner of the cave that you went through. It is too dear for the luxury of spending every detail in the cave passage. You will find that many rooms like the bedroom partitioned .-

Satisfied enjoy walkthrough, you can unwind by the sea enjoying the beautiful scenery and cape in front of the cave. Panorama stretching can you pinch the top of a hill .-

What are you waiting? For visited this cave, available transportation from the terminal outside the city into downtown Fakfak Coke. Throughout the 2-hour trip, you will be entertained by the cool mountain air and scenery in the wilds of Papua. Simply spend Rp 25,000, one-way, you will be taken to arrive at the cave site is located.

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