Rapunzel MOVIE 2010

Rapunzel MOVIE 2010

Actor actress Tony award, Donna Murphy joined by Mandy Moore and Zacary Levi in the animated Disney film "Rapunzel."

(Firnoll) - Byon Howard and Nathan Greno ( 'Bolt') will direct a musical comedy that tells a tale about a girl with hair blond magic. The story centers on Rapunzel (whose voice filled oelh Moore), who was abducted from the palace of her parents as a child and kept in secret tower before finally escaped with the help of a gangster (Levi).

Murphy will be working for an animation program for the first time by completing voice to the character of Mother Gothel, witch who locked Rapunzel in the tower with no stairs and doors. Alan Menken will do the music for the film to be made in 3D and released next year for the holiday season. Murphy previously won Tony awards for the musical 'Passion' and 'The King and I,' and two other penghargan in 'Wonderful Town' and 'Lovemusik.

" Wide-screen appearances including 'Spiderman 2', 'Star Trek: Insurrection,' and 'The Nanny Diaries,' and recently he played with Eric McCormack for the TNT series "Trust Me."

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