Facebook experiences of server problem, have never login

Facebook experiences of server problem, have never login

User Facebook in UK and its other country have discovered that profile Facebook they are will never opened, and Facebook gives reason caused by server problem. User Facebook in United Kingdom, United States, Thailand and Mexico and its other country starts report this problem in Saturday (20/02) yesterday. Some users will never login and situs are referred [as] show tardy for other. Much users Facebook that finally raised complain pass by Twitter.

Meanwhile mouthpiece Facebook, Matt Hicks tells that problem accesses Facebook is referred [as] only experienced small number of user, that will never access their friend profile or feature specific situs Facebook caused by server problem. About/around beat 11pm Saturday (20/02) yesterday Facebook states has returned access like initialy to user.

Facebook with amount member 400 million users, [it is true] show experience of problem problem accesses this, nevertheless never shut down suddenly

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