Google publishes translation service in Smartphone

Google publishes translation service in Smartphone

Google has launched one new translation service for turis with mono-lingual English, that saved roof turis were from mistake conversed when in restaurant. Company search engine is referred [as] referred [as] release technology translator is referred [as] in Mobile World Komite this week be next berencana applies menu is referred [as] in smartphone for translation instant to UK.

Nevertheless, unhappily prototype Google are referred [as] shall only mentranslate language to Germany to UK. But for to front its, Google hopes technology is referred [as] applicable to mentranslate all the things begin at street fringe, poster and even novel between 52 languages.

According to manager marketing product Google, Andrew Gomez, service translator is referred [as] step into ekstensi Google Goggles, that facilitate user to look for web are referred [as] use celullar phone or smartphone they, than type text-nya. Translation are referred [as] use optik technology recognition character for men-scan word that written and alter it to text dimasukkan be next computer to Google Translate.

Google compatible Goggles also with all kinds of smartphone that walk in system operation Android 1.6+

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