Facebook haves tool upload new photo

Facebook haves tool upload new photo

CALIFORNIA pin-cushion still in order to greet day it to be sixth, social web Facebook returns make a change. This change that conducted more to facilitate user upload photo.

Middle Facebook develops and trailer a feature that can upload photo in a new way and easy. Have not yet known like what way presents feature is intended, however clear this tool requires instalansi addition.

Forwarded Cnet, Wednesday (10/2/2010), situs biggest friendship in the world of that also tells that newest upload is referred [as] support some format of addition photos. Later, format is referred [as] can produce photo by model .jpg, .gif, .bmp, and .png to work properly.

This Feature by it self virtual had been developed since November mid 2009 ago, although organizer Facebook ascertains its user will immediately can be exploited, although not sure anytime.

At this time, 2,5 billion photos in upload per month. Number is referred [as] it is of course far distant if compared to the average of user Facebook that reach 350 million more. Likely [it is true], Facebook wants to up opportunity from this service

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