Rumor Facebook will launch service Webmail for its user

Rumor Facebook will launch service Webmail for its user

Whom not recognizes Facebook? Old fellow and also children now very familiar by the name of Facebook not to mention HP Online that carry internet technology that facilitate interfaced to Facebook where from just and any time.

Now Facebook enters age 6 year and at least there [are] 400 million users that disseminated in all world angle. To improve its service that, people say Facebook now middle of berkutat to launch service webmail client.

This Facebook new Product is named with Project Titan. Tujunnya is to create webmail client that complete with message system to replace that already exist currently and really less functional. At this time message system Facebook has experienced of some repairs, nevertheless proven masih cukup far from expected real. Even now braver next, Facebook even seems will be in act to just if must compete tighten with Gmail or Yahoo Mail that has been more senior.

[it is true] this condition not next new matter in the world of jejaring social in the case of launching of email service. Its section MySpace already since last year launch it to replace dna menajdi internal message system quite success service of email provider. Although later not will equal to effort MySpace, Facebook exactly will give support [of] full [of] for POP and IMP, that mean that user will be able to accesses account their email from computer or celullar phone. It is possible later also Facebook will offer email address like Hmmm, who knows?

Email by it self [it is true] not new technology, even the party of Google has tried to be able to compete with Yahoo since launching of email service free its. Whereas if observed next, Facebook possibly will haves big enough opportunity because has had 400 million users which big possibility this email service of success later. So, we await just its action later.

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